Disney World Unveils Revolutionary New “RoomShare” Option For Cash-Strapped Guests Who Still Want to Visit Disney World But Need a Miracle

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Disney has unveiled a brand-new option for cash-strapped Guests booking stays at Walt Disney World Resort hotels aimed at saving Guests money on their Disney World vacations and fostering new friendships between theme park Guests staying on Disney property.

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Disney Adults

You may wear your “Disney Adult” status like a banner, complete with all the bells and whistles, especially since a recent study by the American Psychiatric Association proves there’s no need to hide your fandom, as being a Disney Adult is no longer a symptom of having psychosis.

But you might be a more private Disney Adult whose closest friends are the only ones who know how much you love Mickey.

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Then again, you could be one of those completely closeted Disney Adults–one they’d never suspect is a superfan and frequent flyer at the Disney theme parks.

But regardless of how you wear your personal form of Disney fandom, the same things are true about diehard fans: they love the characters, the rides, the attractions, and the nighttime shows at Disney Parks, and they often share that love by telling friends, family members, and fellow members of the same social media groups about the best parts of their visits to the parks in Central Florida.

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Some Can Only Dream of a Disney Trip

But while the thought of a trip to Disney World might be a dream come true for many, the cost of a Disney vacation often presents challenges for those who relish the idea of visiting the Most Magical Place on Earth but aren’t sure how to make it feasible without substantial discounts.

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Sadly, however, Disney World doesn’t usually offer promo codes like “DISNEYSTAY50” to give Guests an automatic 50% discount on their stays (outside of our nighttime dreams and daytime musings). And because of the high costs associated with a Disney vacation, the very thought of taking one is merely a dream for many.

Little Competition = Little Discounts

Disney World is the most popular vacation destination in the United States, and because the Central Florida Disney Parks remain so far ahead of their competition, Disney has all the freedom in the world to charge virtually any price for its offerings, including food, beverages, merchandise, and park tickets.


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Guests don’t have to look too far to see evidence of this. Earlier this year, Disney World announced a major increase in ticket pricing coming in 2025, and the increases are substantial enough that many guests will likely opt to visit on the least expensive days of the year, which can be found by clicking here.

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But the same is true for nightly rates at Disney’s Resort hotels: without steep competition from other theme park resorts in Florida, Disney isn’t forced to be competitive when it comes to rates at the more than 25 resort hotels on its Central Florida property. Occasionally, Disney offers discounted hotel rates to guests, but those promotional savings are usually only available on select dates at select Resort hotels and still don’t offer the savings that would make a trip to Disney World a possibility for many families.

Disney World Unveils Its New “RoomShare” Option

But, being the magical entity it is, Disney World has just unveiled a new option for Disney fans who want to visit the parks–but need a miracle to make their dreams a reality. It’s called Disney RoomShare.

disney roomshare

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The new cost-saving option is available to Guests staying on Disney property at any Disney World Resort Hotel, whether it’s a value, moderate, deluxe, or deluxe villa Resort, and the concept behind Disney’s RoomShare is nothing short of magical.

But with Disney World’s RoomShare option, Guests can choose to share the cost of a Disney World Hotel room with other Guests. According to a recent announcement about Disney’s RoomShare, there are two options for Guests who choose to save money with the new perk:

If you are traveling with another family, this easily lets you split the costs with another family through Disney’s official website. However, if you are traveling alone or with a very small traveling party, you can share a room with random Guests.

When you book a Disney World Hotel room online, you’ll select how many guests you have in your party. If you intend to use Disney’s RoomShare option, you’ll then check the RoomShare box. Disney uses an algorithm to match you with other guests who are also using the new cost-saving option. For example, if you have a party of two Guests and want to spend a night at Disney’s Beach Club Resort, the original cost could be as much as $700 per night. But with Disney’s RoomShare option, you’ll share a room that sleeps four Guests with two other Guests in a separate traveling party. In this example, your nightly rate would be reduced to $350–a savings of 50%.

Sharing a Room With Strangers at Disney World?

If the savings from Disney’s RoomShare option sound too good to be true, it’s because they are–and so is the crazy notion of sharing a room with strangers while trying to enjoy your most magical vacation. While most Disney Parks fans can hang with a massive savings of 50% or more, it’s hard to imagine most of them doing so at the forfeiture of their privacy, their privileges, and their space at a Disney World Resort hotel during a dream vacation to the parks.

Happy April Fools’ Day to everyone! (And here’s hoping that Disney World takes the hint eventually and offers guests a discount they can really get behind–minus the sharing of rooms with strangers!)

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