Disney World Fans Can Now Own a Massive Piece of Parks History–And For Surprisingly Less Than You Might Think

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Nestled amidst the enchanting landscape of Disney World lies a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by those seeking a unique blend of adventure, comfort, and that signature Disney magic. And now, fans of the Central Florida Disney Parks can own a piece of that unique blend–a souvenir to top all Disney World souvenirs–and for less than you might think!

disney world opening day

Opening Ceremony at Disney World/Credit: Disney Parks

Disney World Opens With Limited Accommodations

In November 1971, just weeks after the Walt Disney World Resort opened to guests for the very first time, the resort extended to guests a different way of “staying close to the magic.”

Up to that time, Disney World only had two options for guests hoping to stay on the property–Disney’s Contemporary Resort and Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

contemporary resort at disney world under construction

Disney’s Contemporary Resort under construction/Credit: Disney Parks

Not only was the new option a different choice in locations for guests to stay during their visit to Disney World, but it also represented a new way of staying in the magic. Instead of offering luxury rooms and suites with the potential for turn-down service, housekeeping, and the latest in modular design, the new accommodations offered guests a chance to get back to nature and enjoy the outdoors while visiting Disney’s newest family theme park resort.

Disney Unveils Its Third “Resort” at Disney World

In November 1971, Disney World opened Fort Wilderness Campground. The location has a rich history deeply intertwined with one of the many visions of Walt Disney himself. Fort Wilderness was initially inspired by Walt’s dream to create a comprehensive entertainment destination where families could immerse themselves in fun, adventure, and nature.

fort wilderness in the 70s

Credit: D23

The campground was also inspired by the rustic charm of America’s frontier days, and it was designed to provide guests with an escape from the modern world, offering guests a signature Disney blend of wilderness exploration and Disney magic.

Initially spanning over 700 acres of dense woodlands and serene waterways, Fort Wilderness quickly became a beloved destination for campers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Over the years, the campground has evolved and expanded, adding amenities such as themed dining experiences, recreational activities, and, most notably, the addition of cozy cabins in the late 1990s.

disney's fort wilderness

Credit: D23

But even as more modern amenities have been added to the area, Disney’s Fort Wilderness has stayed true to its roots–preserving its rustic charm and commitment to providing families with unforgettable experiences in the heart of the Disney magic at Disney World.

Now, a part of that rustic serenity and Disney magic can be owned by Disney World fans, as they can purchase one of Disney’s Fort Wilderness cabins!

Bring the Magic Home . . . Literally

Imagine having your very own cozy Fort Wilderness cabin. Though it might seem like a dream, it’s something that’s possible for Disney World fans who want to own a piece of Disney Parks history. Last week, Crystal Moyer, a news anchor with Orlando’s WKMG News 6, revealed that owning a cabin from Disney’s Fort Wilderness campground is actually possible.
Moyer reported that Dream Life Mobile Homes has acquired some of the cabins that were cleared away to make room for the newer cabins at Fort Wilderness.
cabins at fort wilderness

New cabins at Fort Wilderness (artist rendering)/Credit: Disney Signature Experiences

Crystal Moyer reports that a representative of the seller, Dream Life Mobile Homes, claimed they acquired them from the company that cleared out the old Fort Wilderness cabins.

Previously, fans have reported seeing the cabins listed on online marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist, leading some fans to question their authenticity.

Disney's cabins

Credit: Disney Parks

Moyer had her doubts as well, so she jumped at the chance to tour one of the cabins. Once she was inside the cabin, it was immediately clear that this was indeed a Disney World cabin from Fort Wilderness.

There were even moose lights and animal silhouettes on the glass light shade in the dining area of the cabin–signature Disney touches. Artwork had been removed from the inside of the cabin, but it was still fully furnished. The only thing a buyer would need to do is hook up utilities to the wooden structure.

@crystalmoyerbrown What would you do with an old #Disney Fort Wilderness cabin? Man cave? Rental? She Shed? Guest House? #DisneyWorld #DisneyFortWilderness #FortWilderness #FloridaRealEstate #Florida @News 6 WKMG ♬ original sound – Crystal Moyer

Fort Wilderness Cabin Specs & Other Details

The cabins were built between 1998 and 2001 and are approximately 500 square feet in area. Each cabin features one bedroom and one bathroom but can still accommodate as many as six people.

cabins at disney world

Credit: Disney Parks

According to the frequently asked questions section on the website for Dream Life Mobile Homes, delivery is included in the $50,000 price tag, so long as the delivery address is within 25 miles of the cabin’s location in Orlando. Otherwise, additional fees apply for delivery. It’s important to note also that buyers are responsible for handling zoning, rigs, and required permits before purchasing a cabin.

Buying an Old Fort Wilderness Cabin

It’s rare to be able to purchase a piece of Disney Parks history–especially one like this. And these cabins are reportedly being snatched up for around $50,000 apiece.

disney cabin

Credit: eBay

Dream Life Mobile Homes has listed some of the cabins on Facebook Marketplace, as well as on their official website, Orlando Resort Cabins.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of Disney World history, so don’t miss your chance!

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