Disney World Parking Lots Become a Treasure Trove of Irreplaceable Items For Thieves

walt disney world thieves
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Disney World is undeniably the Most Magical Place on Earth, but even a sordid type of “magic” extends to thieves and other criminals looking to get something for nothing from unsuspecting guests–even seemingly incidental-type items. Though incidental, however, some of these items are nearly impossible to replace.

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At Disney World in Central Florida, the magic is for everyone. Millions of kids and kids at heart visit each year, and the chance meeting of a princess, Mickey Mouse, or other favorite Disney character is enough to bring smiles that last the whole day and memories that last a lifetime.

Sadly, however, while guests enjoy the magic, there are often those in the parks or elsewhere on Disney World property who are there for a little “magic” of their own–magic that involves something coming from nothing. We’re talking, of course, about pickpockets and thieves.

walt disney world thieves

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While not confined to the Walt Disney World Resort (thieves can be in any location where they stand to gain something that they didn’t pay for or earn), thieves can thwart a family vacation, create chaos, and leave guests spending their long-awaited time in the parks dealing, instead, with reporting missing items, filling out police reports, and attempting to recover their stolen items.

Losing items at Disney World can be a hassle too, but at least no criminals were involved. If you’re wondering what to do when you lose something during your Disney vacation, click here to learn about Disney’s Lost & Found and the unique third-party system that works to help guests and their lost items be reunited.


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Guest Reports Theft of Irreplaceable Items 

A recent incident left a Disney World guest distraught after discovering that some of their valuable and difficult-to-replace belongings had been taken from their car while they were spending the day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park.

When the guest returned to the parking lot, she found that several of her Passholder-exclusive car magnets had been stolen. These souvenir magnets are reserved for Disney World Annual Passholders only, and they often feature exclusive designs as well. The guest expressed their frustration on Reddit, lamenting the loss of these items and cautioning fellow Passholders to be vigilant.

Similar experiences were shared by other Disney Parks enthusiasts in the comments section. Instances of stolen or vandalized magnets and stickers from parked vehicles are unfortunately not uncommon at Disney World, according to multiple individuals who took the time to comment on the guest’s post online.

Passholder magnet thieves!
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The guest’s post reads, “I had 6 more other than this, and they were just grabbed right off the Hollywood Studios parking lot. I mean, at least they left my favorite ones strangely. I am gonna miss that Figment and the newest Hei Hei! Just a warning for all y’all passholders.”

hei hei annual passholder magnet

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One user, PalmettoZ71, replied that her Passholder magnets stay on her fridge at home, as she’s too worried to leave them on her vehicle.

Another user, TraditionalSet858, replied, saying, “And what’s even more infuriating is the fact that they clearly can afford to come to Disney, so they can easily afford to buy a magnet.”

figment magnet

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In addition to the theft of exclusive Annual Passholder magnets, incidents of theft extend to other types of magnets, as evidenced by one individual’s account of having their “My other ride is a monorail” magnet stolen at EPCOT.

While the souvenir magnets may be inexpensive and seemingly incidental items, many are limited-edition offerings, and because there are only a limited number of them to circulate, they can be impossible to replace.

If you’re visiting Disney World and bringing your vehicle–you know, the one adorned with Passholder magnets–it can be a good idea to remove the magnets before heading into the parks.

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