Universal Studios Orlando Teases Huge Reveal For Fans This Thursday

universal studios reveal
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Universal Orlando just teased a major reveal, urging fans to stay tuned and pay special attention to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter this Thursday.

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cabana bay universal studios globe and attractions at orlando resort

Credit: Discover Universal

Universal Studios Orlando’s Social Media Prowess

When the always-witty and often-bold social media content creators at Universal Studios Orlando aren’t throwing shade at Disney World’s theme parks or making fun of various elements and aspects of the newest offerings from its chief competitor in Central Florida, they’re busy crafting cryptic announcements to post on X, formerly Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms, drawing fans in closer as they await news of the “next big thing.”

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Maybe it’s their attempt at one-upping their chief competitor just down the road in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. After all, Disney Parks makes very good use of social media when it comes to getting a message out to fans about a new themed land, a new attraction, or a new popcorn bucket.

Disney World Figment popcorn bucket

The famous Figment popcorn bucket/Credit: Disney Parks

Maybe Universal’s sometimes-snarky and routinely cryptic posts are signs of the decades-long rivalry between Universal Studios and Walt Disney World, as Universal’s social media posts tease the date of an upcoming announcement nearly as often as Disney Parks teases an upcoming opening or release date.

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Another Cryptic Post From Universal Orlando

But whatever the reason behind Universal Studios Orlando’s seemingly regularly delivered doses of sarcasm, snark, and cliffhanging posts, the theme park giant made perhaps one of its most cryptic posts in our recent memory on Monday afternoon, only giving fans a date.

universal orlando teases huge announcement

Credit: X/Universal Studios Orlando Resort

The post, which includes an eleven-seconds-long video clip, features only the date “3.28.24” in white against a dark blue background that looks like stars in the cosmos, immediately making fans wonder if the teaser is related to Celestial Park at Universal Orlando’s upcoming Epic Universe.

Epic Universe

Universal Orlando first announced plans for its third theme park, Epic Universe, in August 2019. Groundbreaking followed in early 2020. Then came a global pandemic, just to keep things interesting.

COVID-19 swept across the globe, sweeping talk and excitement about Universal’s third gate under the rug, at least temporarily. Ultimately, the proposed timeline for the completion and opening of Epic Universe had to be reworked.

By mid-summer 2020, construction on the brand-new theme park ground down to a halt and wouldn’t be picked up again until March 2021.

What Might Thursday’s Announcement Entail?

Epic Universe is slated for a Summer 2025 opening, though there’s been no mention of an official opening date for the new theme park . . .

epic universe

Credit: Universal Experiences

. . . which makes us think that the announcement might have something to do with the unveiling of the official opening date for Epic Universe. Earlier this year, there was reason to believe that Universal’s third theme park might open sooner than we were originally told.

Could Thursday’s announcement shave months off of the wait time for fans who’ve been counting down the days to when they can finally experience Universal Studios Orlando’s first new theme park in 26 years?

Universal Orlando Epic Universe land and details

Credit: Universal Experiences

Or does the background in the online post hold significance as well–perhaps serving as a symbol for Epic Universe’s Celestial Park? And if so, what major announcement might be made about the new themed land inside Epic Universe?

For now, we’ll have to busy ourselves with the stuff of speculation. Join us, won’t you? Take a thoughtful eleven-second break from your busy day and enjoy the not-too-over-the-top clip from Universal Studios Orlando below. And then make it an even minute by using the next 49 seconds to hypothesize alongside us.

Then let us know what you think might be up Universal Orlando’s proverbial sleeve in the comments section below. Bonus points for broad creativity and originality!

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