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Expansion Sounds Nice, But Without Successful Original Content, Disney Parks are Going Nowhere

disney parks expansion

Disney Parks are known for their enchanting experiences and captivating content that have entertained generations of visitors. However, in an ever-changing entertainment landscape, it’s natural to question whether Disney Parks expansion can continue successfully even if their original content faces challenges. As moviegoers seem unhappy with new Disney products like Elemental (2021) and Wish (2023), while others are complaining about ...

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Guest Potentially Burned and Blistered by Disney Fireworks Accident

disney fireworks

Disney fireworks displays are one of the most spectacular and magical experiences for guests visiting Walt Disney World and Disneyland resorts. These awe-inspiring shows are a signature tradition of Disney parks, mesmerizing visitors with their dazzling pyrotechnics, vibrant colors, and enchanting music. Walt Disney World Fireworks At Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, the Magic Kingdom hosts the iconic “Happily ...

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Despite Fan Rating, Disney’s ‘Wish’ Has an Abysmal Opening Weekend, Falling Short of Expectations

wish fails at the box office epcot

Have you seen Disney’s newest animated feature, Wish, yet? If you haven’t, chances are you’ve heard critics rip Disney’s newest magical venture a new one. However, despite what you’ve read, there’s more to the story regarding Disney’s latest apparent flop. Wish, featuring a mixture of 3D and 2D animation, was created as an homage to Disney Animation. Celebrating the 100th anniversary ...

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Former Cast Member Suggests Disney World Has Pushed Guests to Their Breaking Points With Overwhelming and Stressful Environment

disney world too stressful

Despite being “The Most Magical Place on Earth,” Walt Disney World can be an extremely stressful vacation environment. Heat, high crowd levels, and the deep yearning to “do it all” are often precursors to meltdowns, spoiled memories, and sometimes even conflict within Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT. Although Walt Disney World has done a lot in the ...

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EPCOT “Makes Guests Sad” with Potentially Dangerous Conditions

epcot dangerous conditions

As EPCOT ages, some guests claim dangerous conditions are prevalent within the famous park. Guests to Walt Disney World can take a lot of work to please. Often, they’re entitled and picky, finding just about anything wrong they can to gripe and complain about. Loyal Disney World fans of parks like EPCOT often find themselves wishing for the “good old ...

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Disney’s New Movie ‘Wish’ Makes Its Way to Disney Parks

Disney’s New Movie ‘Wish’ Makes Its Way to Disney Parks

Disney Animation Studios seems to have done it again as viewers fill seats at theatres across the country to see their newest bit of film magic, Wish. The newest addition to Disney’s library brings Chris Pine (King Magnifico), Ariana DeBose (Asha), Alab Tudyk (Valentino), and Even Peters (Simon) to a theatre near you in a well-done movie celebrating Disney’s past, ...

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Enjoy the Force and Eggnog with RSVLTS 2023 ‘Star Wars’ Holiday Collection

Enjoy the Force and Eggnog with RSVLTS 2023 'Star Wars' Holiday Collection

Since 1997, we’ve been traveling a vast galaxy, learning of force-wielding Jedi, diabolical Sith, various species of aliens, and intergalactic politics. It’s been a fantastic ride that has turned one simple Star Wars film into a vast catalog of shows and movies fans hold dear to their hearts. Star Wars, unlike most franchises, has proven itself to be timeless, still churning out ...

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Bringing Balance to the Force: What the Rise of Dave Filoni’s Creative Impact Means for ‘Star Wars’

dave filoni made CCO at Lucasfilm

By now, you’ve most likely heard the exciting news that has engulfed the Star Wars world. The brilliant creative genius of Dave Filoni, who brought Ahsoka (2023) and The Mandalorian (2019) to live-action, has been promoted to Lucasfilm’s Chief Creative Officer (CCO). Following a proper “dragging through the mud” by South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, Disney, possibly realizing their fallacy, decided to give the man ...

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Multiple Injuries Reported After Accident at Disney

emergency disneyland accident

Earlier today, it was reported that a lampost lining Main Street, U.S.A. had toppled over. Repair crews were quickly dispatched to the scene to handle the situation. Disneyland’s hub is currently closed off and repairmen are digging in the dirt at the base of multiple lampposts, after a large lighting post toppled onto guests earlier this morning pic.twitter.com/sbTlomTUh6 — David ...

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