Comedian Matt Mitchell Hilariously Calls Out Southerners at Disney World

Comedian Matt Mitchell Hilariously Calls Out Southerners at Disney World
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There are several places that Southerners like to visit when they’re on vacation. If you’re from the great states of Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, or Carolina (sorry if we missed anyone), chances are you’ve spent some summers at Orange Beach or Pigeon Forge. Chances are you’ve also spent half of your budget at Buc-ees while traveling to your vacation spot. In addition to gorgeous beaches and great mountain-town fun, Southerners also love themselves some Walt Disney World. As Walt Disney World sits in the middle of one of the most visited Southern states, we’re known to venture outside of our small towns and head for the big city to hang with Mickey Mouse and friends on occasion. 

A trip to Disney World in Orlando often includes many Park Guests roaming around in Crimson Tide hats, Georgia Bulldog, and Volunteer t-shirts, on top of the typical Florida Gators and Florida State Seminole-clad fans. Southerners are passionate about their vacation time, but they live, breathe, and eat college football fandom. College football is the pride and joy of the South, and many in the South know a few unspoken rules about Saturdays in the fall. The greatest is that you don’t plan weddings or schedule events because everyone and their grandmaw will be glued to their couch watching SEC football. Although Disney and college football are very loosely related outside of Disney owning ESPN, which hosts the very popular Saturday morning College GameDay Live, the two fandoms are still synonymous with each other through their reach in the South and often find themselves colliding in their weirdest and funniest of ways.

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One hilarious way in which the two have intertwined recently is through Southern funny-man Matt Mitchell, who has become quite the internet sensation highlighting “all things Southern” on YouTube. Personally, I’ve been following Mitchell for a long time as he was raised in Gadsden, Alabama, not far from my hometown. Over the years, Matt Mitchell has made a name for himself, poking fun at all of the eccentric and quirky details that make Southern living different. He’s previously worked as a producer and actor for It’s a Southern Thing but has since ventured out on his own and is bringing plenty of laughs to Youtube his Youtube viewers.

Typically Matt’s content makes fun of the abnormal way in which Southerners deal with everyday problems such as heat and humidity, sweet tea, and of course, college football. Recently, however, Mitchell posted a great video that took a new look at Southern culture and applied it to a trip to Walt Disney World. When Southerners go to Disney, it’s a little different, and he hit the nail on the head in the funniest of ways. 

Yes, we do things a little differently in the South. We absolutely are constantly worried about our electric bills (it takes a lot to keep our homes cooled in the summer), and we certainly do love Buc-ees (seriously, how great is that place). And yes, I did buy my wife a Cricut vinyl machine that she promptly used to make matching shirts for us. 

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Ultimately, I share Matt’s sentiments about barbeque at Disney World. If you don’t already know, smoked meats are an art form in the South, and I’ve had similar thoughts when passing by Rodeo Roundup BBQ at Hollywood Studios. Also, can we take a second and show some appreciation for Matt Mitchell’s interesting approach regarding tackling “drinking around the world” at EPCOT? I mean, starting in Mexico, going all the way to Canada, and then back around? That’s legendary!

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The South gets a bad rap. It’s understandable, given some of the terrible history down here, but people have grown and changed as the years have passed. The truth is that most need to understand how unique living in the Southern part of the US is. Matt Michell does a great job of highlighting that uniqueness through comedy. I mean, if you’re from Alabama like me, or one of it’s neigbors, you’ve most likely had a thought or two similar to Matt’s jokes from this video while at Disney World. You’ve also probably worn a homemade Disney shirt that your wife worked really hard on.

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