Our Secret Weapon for Disney World Is This Must Have Shoe

Our Secret Weapon for Disney World Is This Must Have Shoe
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We understand that going on a Disney vacation can be physically demanding, and we want to help you feel as comfortable as possible. Through our frequent visits to Walt Disney World, we have gained some insight into how to avoid issues like chafing and sore feet. While everyone’s experience may differ, we hope our tips and findings can be helpful to some. Today, in that spirit, we will discuss our best find for the perfect shoes for your next Park day at Disney World. We aim to offer support and insights to make your Disney vacation magical and enjoyable, and worrying about your sore feet isn’t really something anyone would consider a highlight of their vacation. However, we think we’ve found a secret weapon that will help make your experience at Walt Disney World much more pleasurable!

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A cardiologist will tell you that your heart is the most important part of your body, and a podiatrist will tell you that it’s your feet. While your heart is obviously extremely important, most Disney Guests who’ve experienced walking around a Disney World Park all day long would side with the podiatrist. Your feet can and will dictate a lot about your vacation. If they hurt, you’re going to have a miserable time. For this reason, proper footwear and shoes have long been discussed among Disney World Guests in hopes of finding the holy grail of foot support.

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Good news, fans! We’ve found it! After years of trying sandles, flip-flops, tennis shoes, and so on, we’ve discovered the shoe that keeps our feet fresh throughout our Park day! Although not cheap, this shoe has been vital to ensuring our feet aren’t aching, allowing us to easily trek through Disney Parks! In a world of extreme footwear, we’re happy to share that we finally have broken the code to protect our feet from blisters and pain after walking for miles at Disney World.

There are a lot of popular shoe brands out there, and just about everyone has a suggestion about what to wear to keep your feet moving forward at Disney World. Sometimes it’s Sketchers, Converse, and Nike, but other times it’s more expensive brands like OnCloud and Brooks. Although all of these shoes are great (trust us, we’ve tried them all), after about half a day of bouncing around Magic Kingdom, our feet and back are still feeling the load of hiking miles upon miles around a Theme Park. Insert Hoka, more specifically, the Hoka Clifton 9’s.

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Hoka makes shoes for those who live an active lifestyle. Runners, walkers, and gym enthusiasts all swear by the stylish footwear, and after finally breaking down and purchasing a pair, we do too! Although prices ranges from $110 to $175, these shoes are definitely well worth the money as we’ve had no issues whatsoever with our feet at Disney since purchasing ours. The Clifton 9’s are our go-to selection for Hoka, and we purchased our specifically for walking around Walt Disney World. After my first day at EPCOT, there was zero disappointment associated with the shoe! No pain, no blisters, and my back was not aching once our Disney day was done.

Our Secret Weapon for Disney World Is This Must Have Shoe

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Despite their price tag, Hoka’s are becoming more and more popular among Guests at Walt Disney World. In fact, the first time I ever saw the shoe was in line for Rise of the Resistance at Hollywood Studios. I’ve begun to notice more and more of the popular shoes on the feet of Guests in all of Disney World’s Parks. For a good reason speaking from firsthand experience, Hoka’s provide that essential amount of comfort, stability, and support needed to make it through an entire Park Day without sacrificing your feet. At least they have for me.

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So, if you’re still in the market for that perfect pair of Disney shoes, give Hoka a look. They even have a “Shoe Finder” quiz that will help match you to the perfect size, shape, and style needed for your particular needs. Although pulling the trigger on these pricey tennis shoes may be a tough pill to swallow, you won’t be disappointed the first time you rock them at Walt Disney World. Although we are not affiliated with Hoka, Disney World Guests can find their shoes for sale at Fit2Run in Disney Springs. Hoka’s are also a fabulous footwear choice for Run Disney events.


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