If Your Feet Are Always Sore After Visiting Walt Disney World, You NEED To Check Out These Remedies

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When it comes to spending a vacation at Walt Disney World, it’s no secret that things can get intense. In fact, spending a day at Walt Disney World is so tiring that it may as well be an Olympic sport!

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Hours of walking, standing, and traveling can take a toll on the foot, even when wearing the best shoes for the job.

If you constantly find yourself struggling with foot pain after visiting Walt Disney World Resort, here are some of the best ways to prevent and treat sore feet.

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As it turns out, the best shoes for Walt Disney World are actually alternate pairs. Whether you prefer a tennis shoe or a running shoe, you should bring more than one and alternate each day.

Another good tip for preventing foot pain is investing in some high-quality socks. Good socks can make a world of difference on your Disney vacation, as they can avoid sore feet as well as blisters.

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If you bring painkillers to Walt Disney World, such as Tylenol or Advil, it’s a good idea to take some before the foot pain can even start, as it will dampen and prevent the soreness once it begins.

After your day at Disney is done, whether you’re staying at a Disney Resort hotel or another hotel, take advantage of the Resort’s hot tub and treat yourself to a nice soak.

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Prevent the infamous post-Disney foot pain with these Disney tips and tricks, making your stay even more magical.

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