Still Worried About Catching COVID at Disney? You’re Not Alone – Here Are Some Tips For Staying Safe!

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Although we live in a post-pandemic world, it’s never a bad idea to avoid contracting COVID. Walt Disney World Resort may be the Most Magical Place on Earth, but it’s also one of the most popular places on Earth.

Here are some tips for avoiding sickness while visiting a Disney Park.

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Back in the day, if you heard someone worrying about getting sick at a Disney Park, you’d probably think of motion sickness or the common cold.

However, in the post-pandemic world, getting sick has become synonymous with catching a strain of the COVID virus. From Walt Disney World Resort to Disney Springs to Disneyland Resort, a Disney vacation assumes the risk of falling ill.

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One of the first tips for avoiding sickness is to wash or sanitize your hands of germs constantly. Before and after you eat, after getting off an attraction, after a character interaction, etc.

It may seem excessive, but think of all the times you touch your face in a day without realizing you’re doing it! Get rid of those germs before touching your face, and you’ll reduce the risk.

Children with Masks on at Disney

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Another big tip is to bring a mask and to wear it properly: over the mouth and the nose. Keep it on all day, no matter where you are.

Watching a parade or a show, waiting in line for an attraction, riding an attraction, and waiting in line at a store or a restaurant-wearing a mask during each activity will reduce the spread of COVID and other sicknesses.

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Avoiding eating indoors is another way to prevent the spread of germs. Instead, stick to eating outdoors on patios or at quick-service locations.

Unfortunately, these tips can significantly reduce the risk, but that risk will always be there as long as you’re visiting a place as crowded as a Disney Park. But these tips are a great way to stay safe during a Disney trip, and they’re well worth a try!

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