The Side of Disney They Don’t Want You to See: Cast Members Go Wild Behind the Scenes

The Side of Disney They Don’t Want You to See: Cast Members Go Wild Behind the Scenes
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Disney is a magical place designed to rip Guests from the problems and stresses of a less-than-magical world. One aspect that sets Disney apart from other Theme Parks is its ability to create incredibly immersive environments that place Guests right in the middle of their favorite stories. Many Guests to Disney World or Disneyland will tell you that once they pass through those gates, their real-life issues seem to melt away. This isn’t an accident, as Disney focuses heavily on whisking Guests away from their care and worries in hopes they’ll spend more money and return. Disney Cast Members are a big part, if not the most important part, of making the magic happen.

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Although lately, that standard has faltered, Disney still reigns supreme when it comes to customer service. Guests to their Parks can expect to find neatly manicured lands, free of litter, and more than helpful Disney Cast Members who are ready to take on any problematic challenge that a Guest may bring to their attention. In addition, Disney goes to great lengths to ensure that the magical feeling Guests love about their vacation remains intact. This means that behind-the-scenes looks are strictly forbidden, well, unless you pay for them.

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Disneyland Resort

In an effort to keep the “Disney bubble” intact, the company has created stringent rules and policies for its Cast Members. Being a Cast Member not only means that you are the magic, but it also means you have access to behind-the-scenes sites and sounds that may ruin the nostalgic feelings of Guests. Although I don’t work for Disney, I’d imagine that the company would frown rather poorly on any of its employees sharing videos or photos from backstage. Moreover, I’m confident beyond a shadow of a doubt that Disney would be okay with its Cast Members sharing potentially inappropriate footage never meant for the eyes of Guests.

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Despite Disney’s strict rules, Cast Members don’t always follow suit, and it appears that a new TikTok account named IllegalDisney has sprouted up overnight is going viral by sharing behind-the-scenes footage of Disneyland Cast Members getting a little crazy. Although there’s nothing incredibly explicit about the videos being posted, I’m sure Disney would not appreciate Cast Members in full costume (yes, even Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse) showing themselves undressing and squatting over cameras. It’s pretty wild stuff.

The videos on this account began posting to the popular app about 12 hours ago, with the first posting reaching over 200k views since this article was written. Featuring popular character costumes, Minnie Mouse doing the splits and twerking, and Nick Wilde from Zootopia, the account is pretty unhinged but gaining followers rapidly as many have shared their videos to other social media platforms like Twitter. Although the assumption can’t be proven, it is unlikely that someone not associated with Disney would have access to so much behind-the-scenes material at Disneyland. More than likely, this must be a Cast Member account. It remains to be seen how Disney will handle the situation once they are made aware of the account’s postings. Certainly, it probably won’t end well for whoever is responsible for the videos.

As Disney prides itself on its ability to create completely immersive environments at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, seeing footage of Mickey Mouse cheering on his counterpart while she twerks is a little unsettling. However, getting an inside look at Woody’s boots, costume storage, the utility tunnels under Disneyland, and Tigger doing the whip/ nae nae is priceless material, sure to set fire to the internet. Although for some, this destroys the magical story that Disney wants to tell in their Parks, for others, it’s a fun look at what happens behind the scenes during a typical workday for Cast Members.

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