Have You Ever Noticed This Dark Disney Phenomenon?

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Walt Disney World calls itself the Most Magical Place on Earth, and for good reason. Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, and each Resort hotel totally encapsulate Guests, transporting them to another world.

But sometimes, the magic can go too far. If you’ve ever heard of the Disney Bubble, then you know exactly what we mean.

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The Disney Bubble refers to the way Disney captures a Guest’s entire attention span from the moment they enter the property. Even when you’re far away from a Disney Park or Resort, the surroundings are noticeably pristine and spotless once you’re on the Walt Disney Company’s property.

Each Disney Park is methodically spaced away from other Parks or Resorts in order to make Guests feel as immersed as possible. While some Guests find the Disney Bubble magical, others may find it manipulative.

After all, Disney deliberately overwhelms each and every sense in order to elicit a reaction, manipulating Guests’ perceptions for its gain. But on the other hand, the real world is complex, stressful, and frightening; as a result, many Guests are more than willing to let the Disney Bubble take over their attention.

When did you learn about the Disney Bubble? from WaltDisneyWorld

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One Disney fan recently reached out to others on social media to ask about everyone’s thoughts on this strange phenomenon, and the replies immediately poured in.

One Reddit user replied, writing, “The first time I went and it’s why we like going back. It’s the only place I’ve been where you just forget everything else that’s happening.”

Another Reddit user agreed, writing, “The only time I’m on my phone is if there is a really long wait in line, and most of that time is spent looking for better ADRs or looking at other wait times around the other parks. If the TV is on in the room, it’s just the resort TV music and hours of each park as background noise.

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However, one Reddit user brings up an interesting argument, claiming that the Disney Bubble may be fun for Guests but is harmful for Cast Members:

For a guest it may be wonderful, but as a CM, from time to time I thought I was being persuaded, in a way, not to leave Disney, as many not-so-little things – such as free transportation to every location in the resort, almost unlimited free access to the parks, discounts for restaurants and merch, CMs-only parties – just make you wonder if it’s really worth to go somewhere else. But when you leave the bubble, even for a short time, you realize how Disney is a different reality in every way.

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How do you feel about the Disney Bubble? Do you enjoy forgetting about the real world once you enter Walt Disney World Resort? Or would you prefer to forget about the real world on your own terms?

There’s no right or wrong answer, it’s just something interesting to think about the next time you visit Walt Disney World Resort!

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