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Special Disney Parks Panels Announced For D23


In just about a month and a half, Disney fans from around the world will head to Anaheim, California for Disney’s ultimate fan event — the D23 Expo. The D23 Expo will feature a number of panels and lots of exciting information will be revealed. Past D23 Expos have included announcements about the latest Star Wars films and the creation ...

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Experts Explain Why Disney Is Now Embracing R-Rated Content

Deadpool Disney plus

Just about one week ago, Disney added three new movies to its Disney+ streaming service. Those movies were Logan, starring Hugh Jackman, Marvel’s Deadpool, and¬†Deadpool 2, starring Ryan Reynolds. The movies marked the first time that R-rated movies could be found on the platform. The move was a controversial one, as parents thought it flew in the face of the ...

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MagicBand+ Is Finally Here! Take a Look at All the Styles

High school b

The day is finally here, my MagicBand friends! Disney’s new MagicBand+ is officially on sale across the Walt Disney World Resort, and those booking their Disney World vacations can pre-order them. MagicBand+ is the newest version of the popular MagicBand, with the big difference being that MagicBand+ is rechargeable. MagicBand+ not only holds all of your tickets and reservation information, ...

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Major Film Adaptation Moving From Disney to Netflix

The Goon

When The Walt Disney Company purchased 21st Century Fox back in 2019, the House of Mouse gained access to all of the studio’s projects, past, present, and future. It has taken some of those projects and run with them — creating a new series based on the Eragon books, creating a¬†Percy Jackson and the Olympian¬†series, and getting more Disney+ subscribers ...

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Judge Dismisses Several Claims, But Fired Actor Claims Disney Is Blacklisting Him Over COVID Vaccine Refusal

Rockmond Dunbar

For just about one year, The Walt Disney Company has been requiring its employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. This mandate includes some employees who work at the theme parks, those who work on the studio lot in Burbank, California, as well as cast and crew members working on the company’s hundreds of films and television shows. The decision to ...

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Disney Releases More Details On EPCOT ‘Moana’ Attraction

Moana Attraction EPCOT

If you’ve visited EPCOT over the past couple of years, then you know that the theme park is undergoing a massive, multi-year transformation. Since it opened, EPCOT had been divided into two sections, Future World and the World Showcase. Now, the World Showcase will remain, but Future World will be divided into three distinct neighborhoods — World Celebration, World Nature, ...

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‘Eragon’ Series Officially In the Works at Disney+

Eragon Disney Plus

Back in June 2021, fans of the book series and film¬†Eragon¬†were shocked to see #EragonRemake trending on Twitter. When they investigated a little more, they found that Eragon author Christopher Paolini was working hard to get Disney to bring¬†Eragon to life once again. Paolini and his followers bombarded Disney’s social media, begging them for a remake. And it looks like ...

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