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Walt Disney World Quietly Makes Tons of Changes to Fan-Favorite Parade

festival of fantasy parade, magic kingdom parade, disney parade

No matter what time of year you pick for visiting Walt Disney World, it’s always an exciting time to go. Disney always does its best to remain interesting, fresh, and new, even adding special events to its itinerary, such as Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. READ MORE: Guests Watch in Horror as Goofy Faces “Near-Death” Fall During Disney Parade What Exactly Is ...

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Former Adult Entertainer Turned Private Investigator Currently Writing Johnny Depp Biography

Johnny Depp Jack Sparrow

After the infamous Depp v. Heard trial, which took the world and social media by storm, the reputations of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard alike have never been the same. Both reputations have suffered despite the widespread fanbase, good looks, and prowess for performing arts both actors have at their disposal. While Amber Heard’s reputation has been possibly irreparably damaged, ...

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As Universal Unveils Its Newest Attraction, Disney Triumphs Without Even Trying

minions afraid of mickey, minions ride failing, disney wins, universal misses the mark

When Universal Orlando Resort opened in 1990, Disney already had the upper hand. Decades of a well-known presence in Orlando, combined with Walt Disney World’s reputation for some of the best customer service, high-quality entertainment, and overall Disney magic gave Mickey the upper hand. Really, it should be no surprise that Walt Disney World was the clear winner in the ...

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Disney’s Magic Kingdom Event Sells Out, Month of August Entirely Unavailable

magic kingdom halloween, mickey's not so scary halloween party sold out

There’s no doubt about it, Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is THE hub of Disney magic on the East Coast. After all, out of all four Disney Parks, Magic Kingdom is the theme park with the most quintessential Disney attractions and experiences. READ MORE: No Contest: Magic Kingdom is Walt Disney World’s Worst Park There’s Nothing Like It, Anywhere At All… ...

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Disney’s Magic Kingdom Goes Dark, Offers ONE Attraction

castle storm

If you had to pick just one Magic Kingdom attraction to experience, which one would you pick?  Personally, I’d probably pick something like the Haunted Mansion or Space Mountain. Maybe even the Prince Charming Regal Carousel if I’m feeling adventurous.  In any case, you could probably ask 25 Guests the same question and get 25 different answers. There’s just so ...

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Johnny Depp Reveals He’s Avoided Watching “Pirates of the Caribbean” Movies, Felt “Helpless” While Filming

Captain Jack Sparrow (johnny depp) in a noose, pirates of the caribbean

We recently reported on some news that would make any Johnny Depp fans crazy with concern. As it turns out, Johnny Depp hasn’t slowed down at all as he nears old age. At age 60, the star who portrayed Jack Sparrow continues to show signs of substance abuse, according to an anonymous source. His behavior is so concerning that his ...

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Amidst Ongoing Strikes, a New Update For Disney’s “Lilo & Stitch” Is On Its Way

lilo and stitch

Although fans have been begging the Walt Disney Company to cease its habit of bringing classic animated tales back to life with live-action versions, the Mouse is insistent on the remakes. While there’s currently a “list that’s three miles long” of Disney remakes that were being considered or were actually in production (before the current strikes began), one of the ...

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