‘Hamilton’ Star to Become the Next ‘Barbie’?!

Anthony Ramos Hamilton Bob the Builder
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This past summer, the country was enamored with the concept of ‘Barbenheimer’. Two blockbuster films — Barbie and Oppenheimer — were set to be released on the same day. Both movies were huge hits, but Barbie ended up taking the crown. The film, which starred Margot Robbie as the titular doll, grossed nearly $1.5 billion at the box office. It is now one of the top-grossing movies of all time, coming in at number 14, behind other hits like Titanic (1997) and Frozen (2013).

Margot Robbie and Ryan Reynolds in Barbie film

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With the success of Barbie, Mattel Studios is thinking of what other wonderful childhood toys and characters they can bring to life on the big screen. Mattel has announced that they are actively working on films about American Girl Dolls, Hot Wheels, the Magic 8 Ball, Matchbox Cars, and more. They are also creating a movie based on the beloved children’s character, Bob the Builder.

Bob the Builder

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Bob the Builder first came to the small screen in 1999, but was only available for children in the United Kingdom. However, the show was such a hit that it came to the US two years later. The series featured Bob, a general contractor, and his coworker Wendy. Together, they work to make the place they live in beautiful and help those who need it.

Bob the Builder

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Unlike Barbie, the new Bob the Builder movie will be an animated feature film. We do not yet have a release date, but we now know who will play the titular contractor. Bob — whose full name is now Roberto — will be played by Hamilton star, Anthony Ramos! In the hit play, Ramos portrayed Alexander Hamilton’s friend, John Laurens and, in Act II, he played Hamilton’s son, Phillip.


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Here’s more on what Mattel has shared about the film:

“Bob the Builder” tells the story of Roberto (Ramos) who travels to Puerto Rico for a construction job only to discover the issues affecting the island. According to Mattel Films, “Bob’s journey will celebrate the vibrant and colorful textures of the Caribbean Latin nations and their people.”

Bob the Builder

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Ramos shared a statement after his casting was announced, saying how excited he was for the role.

“For years, Bob the Builder’s characters have inspired young people around the world. I’m proud to partner with Mattel Films, ShadowMachine, Nuyorican Productions, and Felipe Vargas to bring this important message to the big screen, adding elements of life that are inspired by my own. A movie about friends working together, a celebration of a beautiful home they share, and how love can help to conquer any obstacle in your way. Can we fix it? Yes, we can!” said Ramos.


Credit: Disney+

Mattel Films has not yet announced a director, but we do know that Jennifer Lopez’s production company will be spearheading the film’s creation. Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas and Benny Medina will also be co-producing.

As stated above, Mattel is currently developing a number of movies based on iconic toys. There are several in production, including American Girl. Lena Dunham — famous for her role in Girls — is also going to direct a movie about the Polly Pocket toys.

Are you excited to see more movies about toys, like Barbie? Let us know in the comments!

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