Angry Fans React To Yet Another Disney Price Hike

Angry Disney fans
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Going on a Disney vacation has never been an inexpensive experience. From theme park tickets to hotels and dining (plus merchandise you’ll inevitably buy), families can save for years to be able to head to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida or Disneyland Resort in California.

Unfortunately, now it will cost even more.

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Disney recently announced a big price increase on nearly everything in the Parks — from the cost of theme park tickets (which can now cost more than $200 per day) to the jump in the cost of Disney Genie+ and the price increase on smaller things like bottles of water.

This announcement did not sit well with a lot of Disney fans. Many feel that Disney is charging more, giving less, and making record profits while forgetting about creating a magical Guest experience. And they took to Twitter to voice their dissatisfaction.

Disneyland price increase

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Twitter user Joseph (@disneywjoseph) noted that Disney had a price hike not too long ago, which isn’t the best look.

disney increasing prices every 6months now… not a good look 

Twitter user Theme Park Casual thinks that a lot of Guests will simply refuse to pay, and Disney Parks will see a drop in attendance.

Can’t wait for a nice uncrowded Disneyland thanks to the price increases. Disney fans simply won’t pay these insane prices.

Another user, Michelle Cap, brought up the fact that Universal is currently building more theme parks and not jacking up prices, while Disney isn’t giving Guests anything close to that.

Disney: **sees Universal about to open FIVE (5) new lands** Let’s RAISE our prices???

Many are wondering how far Disney will be able to push its prices before things begin to implode. On some days, a one-day Park Hopper ticket to Disneyland with Disney Genie+ will cost around $300 PER PERSON.

Many Guests are also upset because, as Disney is increasing the cost of pretty much everything, things like portion sizes are going down. Paying more to get less is not something people are as willing to do.



Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like prices will stop increasing anytime soon. Disney CEO Bob Chapek has said that Disney will continue to increase prices as long as Disney remains in demand and people are willing to pay them.

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