Fired ‘GMA3’ Anchors Amy Robach and TJ Holmes Go to War With Disney & ABC as Mediation Begins

amy robach tj holmes

The battle is on between ABC and the duo of anchors who were removed from their roles on GMA3 amid an ongoing secret affair scandal and investigation by the Disney-owned network.

amy robach tj holmes

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Mediation began on Thursday between Disney-owned ABC and its former lovebird anchors, Amy Robach and TJ Holmes, who were suspended from their roles on the GMA3 afternoon show, following a post from The Daily Mail in November that blew their cover as secret lovers.

The post included more than 60 photos of the pair on a cozy weekend retreat in upstate New York, having drinks together at a bar, and spending time in their day-to-day lives that had nothing to do with an assignment for the show.

Good Morning America Non-Scandal TJ Holmes Amy Robach Are Divorced Contrary To Twitter - YouTube

Credit: The Daily Mail

But the mediation that began on Thursday was not finished by the end of the day, and one source says it might not be over for days.

“There could be a couple of days of back and forth,” the insider told Page Six.

In the time since news of the couple’s affair came to light, ABC News has seemingly wavered back and forth on exactly how to address the situation. Initially, the network said there wouldn’t be consequences for the anchors, but only days later, both were removed from their on-air roles and replaced with two new anchors.

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ABC News Pulls TJ Holmes and Amy Robach Off Air After Romance Revelations -  The New York Times

Credit: New York Times

ABC has been conducting an investigation into the details surrounding the entire ordeal, and on Thursday, it was reported that the news network has begun a second investigation–this time to discover who within the network is responsible for leaking information about the scandal.

“No one is sharing any information [about the investigation] because they’re afraid of people leaking,” an insider said.

TMZ reported details about the anchors’ mediation, giving information about the date mediation would start (Thursday) and that both anchors would appear via Zoom meeting, but those close to the situation say that information could have only come from someone on the inside.

Amy Robach, TJ Holmes on 'GMA': Not Returning During Investigation | TVLine

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Per TMZ:

“ABC has made it clear to reps for [Robach and Holmes] that they do not want the two of them back together on the same set. We’re told ABC has not played its hand on whether they want one or both of them gone entirely. Our sources say once the network made it clear it doesn’t want Amy and T.J. working together, their lawyers called for a mediation, and ABC agreed.”

The news outlet also reports that the issue of race will more than likely be an item of discussion, as the couple reportedly feels that the issue played a role in their dismissals by Disney-owned ABC. For now, mediation between the now-removed anchors and ABC continues, and the process could take days, depending on how long it takes to hash out–and find an agreement about–the issues at hand.

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