Amidst Ongoing Strikes, New ‘Spider-Man’ Film Will Still Debut This Week

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Fans of Spider-Man will always have hours of movies and TV shows to watch, but it’s never enough for most of us.

First, there was Tobey Maguire’s iconic Spider-Man trilogy. Then there was Andrew Garfield’s infamous Amazing Spider-Man series, which was also meant to be a trilogy. Then, Tom Holland made his debut as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s resident wall-crawler.

Then, Sony Pictures Animation caught up with a brand new Spider-Man story, centering around Miles Morales and the entire multiverse of Spider-folk.

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In short, fans of the famous character should never find themselves bored. But it’s difficult to be content with the same films, knowing there’s so much more to be explored.

Luckily, despite the ongoing strikes, a new Spider-Man movie is debuting this week. On August 10, Spider-Man: Lotus premieres, giving fans of the web-slinger even more to celebrate.

Fun fact! August 10 is the confirmed birthday of the MCU’s version of Peter Parker! That’s neither here nor there, just a fun coincidence.

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Spider-Man: Lotus is an entirely fan-made production with no affiliation with Marvel Studios, Disney, or Sony.

Not only that, this project will be launching online for free, making it a not-for-profit entity, which is likely protecting the film from any copyright infringement, according to a report by Newsweek. This also the reason for its debut despite the ongoing strikes.

That being said, for a fan-made project, the visual quality is nothing short of stunning. If you’re interested, check out the trailer here:

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The official film synopsis as according to IMDb, reads:

Peter Parker, who is struggling to recover from the loss of Gwen Stacy and contemplating hanging up the suit for good, until he receives a letter from a terminally ill child, requesting that Spider-Man pay a visit before he passes away.

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Will you be tuning into this fan-made film?

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