It’s Official: Universal Theme Park’s Popular Spider-Man Attraction Is Closing

With theme parks like Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, we can see why Universal Orlando Resort has become such stiff competition for Walt Disney World.

Whether discussing Universal Studios Florida or Islands of Adventure, each Universal theme park is just as immersive, thrilling, and magical as a Walt Disney World theme park, usually for less!

One Universal dark ride, in particular, has always been popular among Guests: the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man.

Credit: Universal

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The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man is so beloved amongst Guests that it’s been replicated across the world in Universal Studios Japan. However, Universal Studios Japan’s version of the Spider-Man attraction is living on borrowed time.

According to an article by Inside the Magic, the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man in Universal Studios Japan is closing for good in January 2024.

Credit: Universal Studios Japan

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Unfortunately, while this is disappointing news, it’s not entirely surprising. Earlier this year, Disney Dining predicted this attraction’s closure (Rumors Are Saying This Universal Theme Park May Lose Rights to ‘Spider-man’).

Despite the attraction’s popularity amongst Guests, it seems that Universal Studios Japan would prefer to bring a new property into its theme park instead of continuously paying for the Spider-Man license.

Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

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As for Universal Orlando Resort’s Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, there are no signs of any upcoming closures. Universal Studios Orlando’s contract with Marvel is still in good standing, and the Peter Parker dark ride is still incredibly popular among Guests.

Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

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It’s also worth noting Universal Orlando Resort reportedly doesn’t have to pay for its Spider-Man license (unlike Universal Studios Japan).

So all web-slinging in Islands of Adventure is still good to go!

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