Guest Captures Awkward View of Spider-Man In This Video, Effectively Breaking Disneyland’s Illusion

spider-man, avengers campus
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For decades, Spider-Man has been entertaining audiences, whether it’s through comic series, films, TV shows, and even a Broadway musical about the super hero! So, when Disney bought Marvel Studios and began the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it was only a matter of time for Peter Parker to join the ranks of Avengers headquarters.

Years later, Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is referenced in both Walt Disney World and Disneyland’s Disney Parks.

But truthfully, Disneyland’s Disney California Adventure is the place to be for fans of the wall-crawling super hero.

Spider-Man Avengers Campus

Credit: Disney

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Disney California Adventure is home to two Spider-Man attractions, Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure and Avengers Headquarters.

Avengers Headquarters is a series of shows, each involving different characters from Marvel Studios, such as Iron Man and Black Panther. But the most exciting and iconic of all is definitely Spider-Man’s demonstration.

two black guests pose before spiderman character at avengers campus

Credit: Disney

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During this five-minute show, Spidey shows off his moves, jumping over boxes, crawling walls, and of course, interacting with the crowd. But the show’s finale is one of the crown jewels of Avengers Campus.

It consists of a Walt Disney Imagineering marvel (no pun intended): a Spider-Man animatronic swings overhead, performing various moves as he soars overhead.


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This finale always manages to get a rise out of the crowd…in Avengers Campus. However, in other parts of the theme park, Peter Parker flinging overhead can be…distracting, to say the least.

One Guest recently caught it on video, showcasing an awkward angle of the web slinger:


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From this angle, Spidey mostly looks…silly! Not only that, but he definitely disrupts the illusion Disney has carefully crafted, taking Guests out of the current land they’re exploring.

Still, it’s incredible to see Spider-Man swinging overhead. No matter where you’re standing in the theme park, nothing can beat that view!

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