ALL-NEW Land Coming to Universal This Summer

Minion land

Banana! Soon you’ll be able to let your inner villain come out to play because the Minions are taking over! Minions Land is coming to Universal Studios Orlando, and one thing is for sure: it’s going to be chaos.

Minion land

Credit: Illumination

Fans of Despicable Me are in for a treat as Minions become the very first thing you see when you walk into the park. No longer content with just one ride, these little mischief-makers are taking over an entire street! Minions Land will be located at the park’s front entrance, where Minion Mayhem is currently. From sweet treats to more substantial eats, meets, shopping, and even a brand-new attraction, Universal is pulling out all the stops! The incredibly popular banana-loving Minions are part of the Despicable Me franchise and quickly stole the show, becoming fan favorites. As the highest-grossing animation franchise in history (and 4th highest-grossing film franchise overall), we knew it wouldn’t be long until they took over. Curious about what’s in store?

Minions Mayhem 

Minion Mayhem

Credit: Universal

This attraction isn’t new, but it will be the area’s flagship experience. Join Gru and his daughters on a birthday adventure for the whole family in this motion simulator. You’ll journey deep into Gru’s secret lair, where he is up to no good, while the Minions try their best to keep his daughters out of harm’s way as they continually find themselves in danger.

Villain-Con Minion Blast

Minion land

Now is the time to put your skills to the test as you unleash your inner villain to see if you’ve got what it takes to become a supervillain in this BRAND NEW family-friendly attraction! According to Universal, “Join Illumination’s Minions at Villain-Con and encounter Belle Bottom, Jean Clawed, and the rest of the Vicious 6 as you blast your way to supervillain stardom.” Villian-Con is taking the place of Shrek 4D, which closed January 2022.

Minion Cafe

Minion cafe

Credit: Universal

Oh dear. I’m not sure the Minions should be allowed anywhere near a kitchen, but here we are. According to Universal, “Mischief is always on the menu at Illumination’s Minion CafĂ©. The Minions are hard at work whipping up a variety of tasty dishes – while trying not to bring down the entire restaurant in the process!” While not confirmed, it’s a safe bet that this restaurant will be chock full of Easter Eggs and special effects, making it a can’t-miss stop for fans of the movies!

Bake My Day

Bake my day

Credit: Universal

While this seems just to be a cute play on words to give a bakery a villainous twist, Eagle-eyed fans (a.k.a. my eight-year-old) have pointed out that this is the very bakery that appeared in the mall in Despicable Me 2. Universal hasn’t said much about this sweet treat location but judging by the artist renderings, we can tell that this is what is being built to replace Monsters Cafe, which closed last May.

Universal has also teased several other tasty locations like Freeze Ray Pops and sweet and savory popcorn at Pop-A-Nana. Also announced, a meet and greet with characters from the films and a gift shop (of course, there’s a gift shop) so that you can stock up on all your favorite Minion gear!

When Universal began closing things (like Shrek and Monsters Cafe) last year, there was no word on what would be replacing it. A Minions area seemed likely, but fans also wondered if Universal would save that idea for the brand-new EPIC Universe theme park currently under construction. We now have our answer. Minions Land will open THIS SUMMER! Fans on Twitter tried to pin Universal down on an exact date, but the theme park simply said to watch their website for more details!


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