After Being Banned From Disney, Rebel Wilson Reveals She Will NOT Have a Disney Wedding

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Credit: Rebel Wilson/ Instagram

Last Valentine’s Day, Rebel Wilson made headlines with her enchanting Disneyland proposal, showcasing a fairytale moment that fans couldn’t help but swoon over. While visiting the iconic theme park, Rebel Wilson, an actress and Pitch Perfect star, got down on one knee in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle. The proposal was nothing short of magical, with the backdrop of the stunning castle adding an extra touch of romance to the already special occasion. Rebel Wilson’s Disneyland proposal not only captured the hearts of Disney fans but also solidified her status as a beloved celebrity with a penchant for the whimsical.

Because of the highly publicized proposal, many fans assumed that self-proclaimed Disney Adult Rebel Wilson and fiance Ramona Agruma would get married at Disneyland Resort as well. However, it seems that the actress will not be saying “I Do” on theme park property.

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Credit: @rebelwilson on Instagram

No Disney Wedding for Rebel and Ramona

Rebel Wilson, an acclaimed actress and comedian, is a long-time proud Disney adult. Known for her charismatic presence on and off-screen, Rebel often brings her infectious energy and enthusiasm to the renowned Disneyland Resort. Her dedication to the brand has caught the attention of many Disney higher-ups, including Disney CEO Bob Iger, who personally made her 2023 proposal happen. When interviewed about asking Iger for her Disneyland Park proposal, Wilson said:

“He’s the big, big boss. And I thought, well, if he says yes, then it was meant to be, and I was meant to propose that day at Disneyland. I had to get special permission to get a special area roped off and get the topiary trees in… I had a violinist playing like Disney classics…it was really romantic.”

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Credit: @rebelwilson on Instagram

With the proposal being such a hit, many fans wondered if the couple would end up having a Disney Wedding down the line. However, in an interview with People magazine, Rebel revealed that she will likely not tie the not at Disneyland Resort. During a recent interview with Hoda & Jenna, Rebel revealed that Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park were not on her wedding venue list. When asked if she was considering a Disney Park wedding, she said:

“Probably not. Probably not. We got engaged there — that’s probably enough Disney.”

While the real reason for this change of heart is unknown, many fans wonder if it could be because of hard feelings after Rebel was banned last year.

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Rebel Wilson’s Disneyland Ban

Last year, Rebel Wilson was banned from Disney for 30 days after she posted a photo inside Club 33. If you don’t know, Club 33 is an ultra-exclusive club within Disneyland Resort where celebrities and the upper class can experience a private Disney hideaway. The main rule of Club 33 is that fans can not take pictures while inside, a rule that Rebel failed to follow. After she shared a photo on social media, the actress was given a 30-day ban from Disney Parks. Quite the engagement gift from Disney!

While Rebel acknowledges her mistake and seems to have forgiven Disney for the ban, it is easy to question if this incident may have played a part in her removing Disney as a contender for her wedding destination.

What do you think about the Rebel’s decision?

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