After Backlash, Disney Renames Another “Racially Offensive” Attraction

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Disney’s continued efforts to make Disney a safe and accepting community have resulted in the renaming of one of Disney’s upcoming attractions. While this news may shock some, many fans are aware that Disney is diligently removing anything from each theme park that could come off as racially insensitive. Earlier this year, Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort both closed down their Splash Mountain Ride for this very reason.

Now, another attraction will face a rebrand, as it also makes reference to a film not deemed appropriate by today’s moral standards.

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Another ‘Song of the South’ Reference Removed From Disney

After facing significant backlash, Disney made the decision to remove the “Laughing Place Rach” sign from the new dog Park at the Cotino Storyliving community. This move came as a response to concerns raised about the sign’s direct reference to the Disney movie Song of the South, a film that has long been criticized for its racially insensitive material.

The decision to remove the “Laughing Place Ranch” title underscores the larger conversation surrounding Disney’s efforts to address cultural representation and inclusivity within every Disney Park and property. As one of the most influential entertainment companies in the world, Disney has a responsibility to ensure that its content and attractions promote understanding and respect for diverse cultures. This includes being mindful of the historical context and potential impact of references like those found in Song of the South.

Earlier this year, fans were shocked to hear the announcement of the Laughing Place Ranch dog park. The song park is set to be a featured attraction in Disney’s new Storyliving Community, Cotino. According to Disney, Walt Disney’s love for horses will inspire the dog park.

When the title of the dog park was announced, many fans found the move hypocritical. After making such a big deal about removing the Splash Mountain ride from the Disney Parks, it doesn’t make much sense for Disney to add a new attraction named after the same intellectual property.

Fans aired out their anger about the ride’s name, saying:

Clearly, Disney realized the potential backlash this could cause and opted out of any further controversy.

More ‘Song out the South’ Leaves Disney

Earlier today, Disney updated the concept art for the dog park coming to the Cotino Storyliving community. In the new image, the sign stating that it is “Laughing Place Ranch” has been removed. In its place, Disney drew some extra shrubbery.

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The removal of the “Laughing Place” sign from the new dog Park at the Cotino Storyliving community is part of Disney’s more significant effort to address concerns of racial insensitivity within its attractions. This decision, coupled with the closure of the Splash Mountain attractions and the announcement of their transformation into “Tiana’s Bayou Adventure,” reflects Disney’s ongoing commitment to inclusivity and its dedication to creating magical experiences for all Guests.

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