A SHOCK to Fans: Space Mountain Is Closing INDEFINITELY at Disney

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Credit: Disney

This is certainly going to upset quite a few fans.

Space Mountain at Disneyland Resort is a legendary attraction that has captured the hearts of millions of visitors since its opening in 1977. Located in Tomorrowland at Disneyland Park, this thrilling roller coaster takes Guests on a journey through outer space that they will never forget.

Now, Space Mountain will be closed to fans in just a few short weeks.

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Credit: Disney

Fans Mourn the Loss of a Beloved Attraction

Space Mountain at Disneyland Resort is an indoor roller coaster that combines a thrilling ride experience with a captivating storyline. As Guests step into the attraction’s queue, they are transported to a futuristic spaceport, where they embark on a space voyage of a lifetime.

Once seated, Guests are launched into the darkness of space. The roller coaster speeds through twists and turns, offering views of stars and planets along the way. With its sudden drops and sharp turns, Space Mountain provides an adrenaline-pumping thrill that keeps Guests coming back for more.

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Credit: Disney

Space Mountain is known for being one of Disney’s most intense roller coasters. Because the ride takes place in the dark, riders really experience the element of surprise because they do not know what is going to happen next.

An Unfortunate but Necessary Decision

Over the years, Space Mountain has undergone several updates and refurbishments to keep it running smoothly. With any attraction that has been around as long as this one has, closures are a necessary part of ensuring the ride can be enjoyed by fans for many more years to fans.

Guests have noticed that Space Mountain is showings its age, so while it is sad, a closure was definitely expected by a lot of fans. It has just been announced that Space Mountain at Disneyland Park will be closed beginning September 18. As of now, no opening date has been announced.

Hopefully, Disney is able to refurbish the ride as quickly as possible so Guests can start enjoying this ride again soon.

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