This $700 ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Plushie Comes with a CAUTION Label

Beast from Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast' gets a makeover
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Disney lovers, you have to take a look at this Beauty and the Beast plushie that could set you back a couple of Benjamins. No, it’s not Princess Belle in the spotlight, as usual; this time, the Beast takes center stage and is going for a pretty penny online right now! Why so expensive? Don’t worry, I’ll explain everything.

But keep in mind there’s a caution tag at the end of this story! So before you fall in love with this Disney stuffed animal, think about why it might not be suitable for your kids just yet.

Because THIS Beast is the farthest thing from coarse and unrefined…

'Beauty and the Beast' Belle and Beast dance in the ballroom

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The Best in Plush Doll Creation

The luxurious Disney’s The Beast stuffed animal is made by Steiff, a historic German teddy bear and toy company that was founded in 1880. The company is renowned for creating extremely high-quality stuffed animals and other plush toys, particularly teddy bears. You may recognize Steiff’s brand name because it is famous for inventing the teddy bear in 1902! Now, its widely respected and admired products are highly collectible. The company is based in Giengen, Germany, and has become a globally recognized brand in the toy industry.

In partnership with The Walt Disney Company, Steiff has crafted “exceptional creations” for special occasions, gifts, and overall collecting. Steiff’s website notes using only the finest supplies like “mohair, wool felt, and faux silk plush.” Steiff adorably takes pride in collaborating with what they translate as the “House of Mickey” to bring popular characters to life, from classics like Bambi to new favorites like Olaf.

It’s the authentic quality and detail that gives every Steiff creation, including this Beauty and the Beast plushie, its hefty price tag.

Disney’s The Beast Official Product Listing

Disney's The Beast plushie from Steiff

Credit: Steiff

In the listing, Disney’s The Beast stuffed animal appears in his ballroom best, with a jacket of royal blue and gold. The Beast plush is made of the finest mohair, in addition to cotton and polyester. He is stuffed with a synthetic stuffing material. The character is made with a washable surface and embroidered eyes, proudly donning Steiff’s gold-plated button in his ear to mark authenticity. The Beast’s arms and head are also three-way jointed for posing.

The whopping $698 price tag (before tax and shipping) comes not only from the painstaking details of the plush but from the fact that The Beast is limited edition! He’s one of only 2,000 pieces. Here’s Steiff’s specific description of the Disney doll:

Despite her initial fears of the Beast, Belle sees far beyond his exterior. She recognizes the kind heart and soul of the true Prince within, and her love frees him from his form as the Beast. Our version of the Beast character is a true Steiff masterpiece. It features an amazing array of fine details, and is handcrafted from our very finest materials. The Beast is a worthy companion to the ground-breaking Belle felt doll, and no Steiff or Disney collection is complete without them both.

CAUTION! Not for Children?

This brings us to the caution tag associated with these Steiff creations…Steiff explicitly notes: “CAUTION! This product is not a toy and is intended for adult collectors only…This Disney collection isn’t intended for children but for grownup collectors who recognize the value of these rare finds.”

That’s right, Disney Adults, this one’s just for you! Well, actually, there’s more than just one!

Right now, Steiff’s Disney Collection also features characters like the classic version of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, the live-action Timon from The Lion King, Bambi and Thumper, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Pinocchio, dalmatians Pongo, Perdita, and Patch, and a special Dinseny100 Mickey Mouse.

Other Disney character plushies from Steiff

Credit: Steiff

I’m starting to understand what Belle sees in this guy… anyone else?

What do you think of Steiff’s Beauty and the Beast plushie? Is it something you think is worth bringing home, or is the price tag not really your style?

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