4 Awesome Features of Disney’s Memory Maker

Paula K

Pictures are one of the most important parts of a Walt Disney World vacation. There are park icons, characters, rides, and plenty of other things that you will want to capture digitally so that you can look back on the memories forever. Photos are also a great way to show those back home how your trip is going, and to brag a little bit on social media. Disney has made it easy to have plenty of pictures without having to worry about bringing a camera or using up space on your cell phone. All that you have to do is order Memory Maker! With the package you’ll look for a PhotoPass photographer and with a simple scan your pictures will be ready for you. Memory Maker is included in some Magic Your Way packages, and also with Annual Passes. (Not all Florida Resident Passes include the service.) Here are four reasons why Memory Maker can be awesome.

4. PhotoPass Photographers Are in Many Places

Want a picture with the family in front of Cinderella Castle? There are plenty of PhotoPass Photographers on Main Street., U.S.A. Need to change your profile picture to one with you and Mickey? A PhotoPass Photographer will snap several of them for you. If it’s a beautiful or unique spot, or if there are characters present, chances are there will also be a PhotoPass Photographer. They are easily recognizable in their beige vests and optional large hats. They will snap a picture or two with your own camera if you ask, but if you want to get a little more creative PhotoPass is the way to go. There have been some complaints lately that there seem to be fewer PhotoPass Photographers than in the past, but they can still be found in the most important locations.

3. Magic Shots

Wouldn’t it be great to hold Tinkerbell in the palm of your hand or include a monster like Sully in your family photo? It is easy to have these great pictures and more, just use Magic Shots. It’s a simple way to add a favorite Disney character to your Memory Maker photos. Magic Shots are not available at all PhotoPass locations, so ask a photographer where the closest location can be found. You’ll end up with some fun and unique pictures that you can’t get with the camera on your cell phone.

2. Ride Photos and Videos

It took your daughter weeks to decide whether or not she had the courage to ride Splash Mountain, and she wants the proof to show the whole world that she did it. It used to be that you’d have to quickly write down the photo number after the ride and pay a lot of money for the picture. That is no longer a problem if you have Memory Maker, because ride photos are included! If the ride has a video that is included as well, so you’ll be able to download your 13 story drop on the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and show it to all your friends. Some ride photos feature priceless facial expressions, and with Memory Maker you’ll be able to enjoy those expressions forever.

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1. Unlimited Downloads

With Memory Maker, you won’t have to pick and choose which photos you want to keep and which aren’t as important. You will receive unlimited downloads! You can have the photographers take hundreds of pictures and they will all be yours. The service can be worth it for character photos alone. You can also fool around with your pictures online and download the original and edited versions. If you want to see your pictures immediately download the My Disney Experience App and you’ll have instant access. One thing that you will need to be aware of; the option to download your pictures will be gone forever after 45 days. You should receive an email in advance, warning you that they will expire soon. There is also an option to purchase additional time if you need it.

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