Woman’s Rude Remark About Disability Ruined This Guest’s Day

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A Disney vacation is supposed to be a place where you can let go of your worries and make memories that last a lifetime. Unfortunately for one guest, the memories made weren’t happy ones, and the troubles of real life were all too real in what was supposed to be “the Happiest Place on Earth.” The guest, who goes by r/Straight_Most6598 on Reddit, shared their experience on the platform. 

They shared that they had just returned from their first trip to Disneyland and had gotten a DAS (Disability Access Service) Pass. DAS is a wonderful resource for those with disabilities that prevent them from standing in line to wait their turn. Instead, they get a return time equal to the current wait and can wait elsewhere for their turn to ride. However, things took a turn once this guest used it for the first time. 

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According to r/Straight_Most6598, “I hyped myself up, then got a return time for Peter Pan and went to the exit to redeem. Literally, as soon as I was about to go through the turnstile, a woman loudly started complaining about me to her party and how ‘I didn’t have a wheelchair’ and ‘don’t look disabled.'”  

They explained that they have invisible disabilities, which is just the sort of person DAS is for. Guests in wheelchairs do not qualify for a DAS Pass since other accommodations are already in place for those with limited mobility. 

We’d like to say that the Guest took it in stride, but sadly it ruined their entire day. They were already feeling nervous about using the pass, something I know all too well as a DAS user with no outward sign of disability.  They ended up not riding anything else that day due to fear of confrontation over the Pass. 

“I was so upset that I started panicking and almost had a full-on meltdown on the ride until my friend talked me through it,” they said. “Needless to say, I wish I got to enjoy the ride and had a better start to my morning. I was so scared to use it after that because I don’t like confrontation, even if that meant I didn’t get to ride anything because I can’t wait in long lines.”

r/Straight_Most6598 reminded readers in the post that people with invisible disabilities often don’t look disabled. People who qualify for DAS often have issues with small spaces, sensory processing disorder, incontinence issues, diabetes, autism, ADHD, or a host of other difficulties that can prevent someone from being able to stand in line, despite no outward appearance of their disability. 

It’s also a great reminder to weigh one’s words carefully. Tempers can run high in the Parks. You’re tired, often hungry, and more often than not hot–it’s easy to say something in frustration,  but it is important to remember “sticks and stones” is just a nursery rhyme and words actually can hurt.  For r/Straight_Most6598, one Guest’s thoughtless words had a serious impact. 


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