Whoopi Goldberg Yells at Audience During Outburst on The View

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The View has drawn the ire of audiences for years. Whether it’s politics or social issues, the show is no stranger to controversy.  Neither is co-host and Disney Legend Whoopi Goldberg. The famous (or infamous, depending on your view) star came under fire last year for comments she made regarding Jewish people. Perhaps her experience in the hot seat led to her recent outburst onset. 

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South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott is a presidential hopeful, squaring off against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in the Primaries. Both hope to beat former President Trump for the party nomination. Scott appeared on The View and was not, to put it diplomatically, well received. 

Tim Scott on the View Whoopi goldberg

Credit: ABC

The View is an Emmy Award winning show known for its ultra-liberal views, and as such, it naturally attracts a like-minded audience. The audience was not in the mood to hear what the Republican candidate had to say, it seems. The subject of Disney inevitably came up because we live in a strange reality where Disney is an integral part of a presidential election.  

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When asked about DeSantis and his war on Disney, Scott seemed to feel that it was not the government’s place to intervene. “If people don’t like what’s happening with a corporation, stop shopping there,” Scott said. 

When asked if he supported Ron DeSantis ”Parental Rights in Education Act (dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay Bill ” by critics) and his thoughts on DeSantis’ war on Disney, Scott said, “Disney and Ron have been in a combat zone over what I thought is the right issue, which is our young kids and what they are being indoctrinated with.” 

The audience did not like that statement. The South Carolina Republican was booed by those in attendance, many seemingly trying to drown out his message from being heard with shouts, taunts, and jeers. That’s when Whoopi Goldberg had enough.

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The actress glared at the audience and began to yell at them. “No, no, no, not here,” Goldberg shouted at the crowd. “I’m sorry, sir,” she said, apologizing to Scott. The audience wouldn’t be quieted, however, so Goldberg continued to try to control them. “Do not boo; this is ‘The View,’” Goldberg said, turning to the crowd. “We accept, we don’t have to believe everything people say, but you cannot boo people here, please!” Goldberg shook her head in frustration, and the crowd continued. 

Tim Scott on the View Whoopi Goldberg

Credit: ABC

The audience eventually settled down, and the show continued, though, uncomfortably. Goldberg at one point snapped at the Congressman and rose from her seat to stand next to co-host Sunny Hostin  to address him. Love it or hate it, one thing’s for sure, The View is rarely dull. In today’s polarized political landscape, something outrageous always happens on set. Now with Disney at the forefront of a presidential election, the New York based, Disney-owned program is likely to become “must-watch tv.”


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