What I Would Do on a Winter’s Day in Frozen’s Arendelle

Frozen's Arendelle Castle
Credit: Disney

Do you ever watch a Disney movie, or any movie really, and think to yourself: “Man, I would do anything to go there for real!”

That’s how I feel when I watch Frozen and Frozen II. The town of Arendelle is so picturesque and wonderful that I would love to hang out there, especially in wintertime when Elsa makes the town extra gorgeous! There are so many fun things to do in Arendelle, and I would want to do them all!

Olaf Presents

Credit: Disney

Build a Snowman

The first thing you have to do the step into Arendelle would have to build a snowman, right? I mean, come on! I would need to at least try to see if Elsa would bring my snowman to life. If nothing else, I could say that I built a snowman where Anna and Elsa live.

Talk Philosophy with Olaf

If Frozen II taught us anything, it is that Olaf is maturing. All throughout the movie, he spouts his newfound knowledge, even if it’s utterly ridiculous. I can just picture Olaf sitting by the fireplace in a library, slowly melting before moving toward the window to freeze up again. He most likely has a huge stack of books by famous philosophers but ends up simply reading Dr. Seuss. I just want to sit next to him and listen to him ramble. I also want to give him warm hugs.

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Frozen Ever After

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Go Sledding with Sven

Sven loves opportunities to show off. So I’m betting he’d be pretty psyched to take me around the town of Arendelle and show off all of his favorite places. Of course, we’d spend the most time in the barns with the rest of his reindeer friends and then the palace to hang out with his people friends! We would have so much galavanting around. But Sven would probably get a little carried away and we’d end up all the way in Ahtohollan, which would be fine with me! I’d love to meet all of those guys too! And Gale!

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Visit Oaken’s

Yoo Hoo! Family! If you’re in Arendelle for a day, you HAVE to stop in at Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna. I honestly don’t even know what I would get in a trading post, but I wouldn’t care. I would just want to walk around and take it all in. And chat with Oaken for as long as he’ll stand me. Mainly just to hear his accent. If I ran out of things to browse in the store, you better believe I would try out that sauna! I would go even if I had to squeeze in there with all of Oaken’s family! Who wouldn’t want to be an honorary Oaken?

Disney Arendelle

Credit: Disney

Wander the Town Center

From the moment I watched Frozen II, I had a strong desire to simply wander around Arendelle. Those cobblestone streets and iron light posts just beg to be explored. It looks like there would be so many adorable, little shops to peruse! I just sort of figured that whatever you could possibly need would be available on that stretch of shops. I would want to walk into every store and hear the life stories of every single Arendelle resident. I would want to hear each take on Elsa’s reign as Queen or find out who remembers her parents. The story possibilities are endless!

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Anna in Frozen

Credit: Disney

Play Hide and Seek in the Palace with Anna

Can you think of any better partner to play hide and seek in the palace than Anna? As in, Queen Anna?! I don’t think so. Anna spent so many years alone in that house that she knows all the ins and outs like the back of her hand. She’s probably sick of begging Kristoff and Elsa to play with her by now. And let’s face it: Olaf and Sven are terrible at hide and seek. I would be thrilled to play fun games in Arendelle with the Queen! Anna is such a total goofball, so I know we would have an absolute ball together. In fact, we’d probably get into some kind of trouble. But she’s the Queen, so what are they going to do?

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Frozen Broadway

Credit: Disney

Learn about Reindeer from Kristoff

You would have thought that I told him he’d won the lottery when I ask Kristoff to teach me about reindeer. He nearly cries. But he quickly regains his composure and guides me outside to the barns. Sven is very happy, too. Kristoff shows me all around the barn and teaches me the names and personalities of every single reindeer. When I mention how cool it is that he knows how to ride Sven, his eyes light up and he immediately grabs a saddle. Even though I try to protest, he sets up Sven and we’re off on another adventure together!


Credit: Disney

Sing and Strut with Elsa

The person I am most looking forward to spending time with is, of course, Elsa. Elsa drives both of the Frozen movies. She is incredibly sassy and strong and I feel like she’d be a blast to hang out with. I want to know some of those “Let It Go” moves! And most of all, I want to see the Ice Queen in action! I would totally geek out if I got to watch Elsa create a palace out of ice or use any or her magic, really. Whether she’d want company or not would be an entirely different story…

What would you do if you got to spend a day in Arendelle?

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