WARNING: This Disney Souvenir Could Get You Stopped by TSA

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After experiencing an incredibly meaningful vacation at the Walt Disney World Resort, many fans choose to take a Disney souvenir home with them as a token of their experience at the parks. From whimsical toys to stylish apparel, there is an endless array of souvenirs that allow guests to relive their cherished memories and bring a touch of Disney magic back home with them.

Immersed in the enchanting world of Disney, guests are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the perfect souvenir to commemorate their visit. Whether it be the iconic Mickey ears adorning the heads of eager visitors or a Spirit Jersey that beautifully captures the essence of Disney fashion, these souvenirs serve as tangible reminders of the joyous moments spent within the park’s embrace.

However, sometimes, the best pieces of Disney merchandise can not be purchased in the store.

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A Unique Kind of Merchandise

While many fans choose to buy their Disney souvenirs in one of Disney’s incredible merchandise locations, others prefer to collect something while enjoying the park vacation. Whether it’s saving a popcorn bucket, napkin, or even a special photo memory, lots of fans find unique and special things to take home with them.

One fan’s souvenir has taken the internet by surprise for its originality. While watching a performance of a nighttime spectacular at Magic Kingdom Park, one fan was shocked when an object fell from the sky onto their stroller. The guest explains that they believe this object was “clearly a piece of casing from a firework shell.”

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Many fans reacted to this story because of how unique this item is. Having a souvenir like this is such a special memory to take home with you from a vacation. However, that journey may not be as easy as fans would hope.

Could This Guest’s Souvenir Get Them in Trouble?

Many Walt Disney World Resort fans quickly pointed out that this item may stand out to TSA agents when flying home. Upon further research into these claims, it does seem that residual explosives are often picked up by TSA or airport drug-sniffing animals.

While this item will likely not lead to any serious trouble, it may very well result in you getting a pat down from a TSA officer at the airport.

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Credit: Brian McGowan, Unsplash

If you are looking not to experience this kind of issue, it may be best to stick to the more traditional forms of merchandise the next time you are at the Disney Parks. There are so many unique and personal pieces that you can purchase on your Disney vacation that won’t cause you any potential problems when at the airport.

According to this family, the particular piece of fireworks casing did not get picked up by TSA and passed through in a checked bag.

What’s the most unique Disney souvenir you’ve taken home from the parks? Let us know in the comments!

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