Disney Star Idina Menzel Recalls Empowerment From Playing Elsa in ‘Frozen’

Idina Menzel
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The musical phenom that is Idina Menzel has a long history attributed to her current success. However, the Wicked star compliments her iconic role as Elsa from Disney’s Frozen for changing her future and calls for fans of the 2013 Disney film to use her character to empower their outlook on life.

Idina Menzel Kriten Bell

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The 53-year-old songbird from Queens, New York, isn’t a newcomer to fame and fortune, starring in Frozen as Queen Elsa alongside Josh Gadd and Kristen Bell. She’s also worked for Disney on projects such as Enchanted with Patrick Dempsey and Amy Adams. However, when Menzel sings, that’s where she truly shines.

Idina Menzel Puts Her Best Voice Forward

Although best known for her role as Queen Elsa in Frozen and Frozen II, Idina Menzel has worked all over the place, lending her extreme vocal talent not just to film but also to Broadway. The Tony Award winner has starred in several on-stage productions of Wicked and Rent, highlighting her exceptional musical talent and range to all willing to listen. 

Elsa, Anna, and Olaf from Frozen

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Anyone who’s seen Frozen ultimately understands the serious talent that Menzel packs behind her vocal cords, and the world tends to take notice whenever she graces a stage. Her formidable talent earned Frozen’s feature song “Let It Go” an Oscar for Best Original Song.

Despite Performing at the Super Bowl and Oscars, Menzel Remains Humble

Success like that which Idina Menzel has enjoyed often lends itself to horrible attitudes and a sense of deserving. However, for the rangy actress, staying humble hasn’t been a problem, despite performing at high profile events like the 2020 Super Bowl where the Uncut Gems (Adam Sandler) actress belted the National Anthem.

Recently, Menzel sat down with The Guardian and discussed the lengths at which she goes to in efforts to stay level-headed despite her success. Crediting several of her roles, the singer/actress explains that she tries to remember her early days of her first professional job in an off-Broadway production of Rent.

Idina Menzel Wicked

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Idina Menzel has since then grown into a star with a large and impactful voice, and she choices to use hers to motivate others. Calling back to her time as Queen Elsa, Meznel notes that the film had a surmountable impact on her life, telling The Guardian that she feels a sense of reponsibility to the young audience that Frozen resonates with.

Frozen changed my life in so many ways. The film’s messaging resonated with young audiences. Through my character Elsa, I was thrown into being a role model for empowerment and self-esteem. I wanted to embrace that responsibility, while still having my own lessons to learn in my life. That has been something I love but also wrestle with.”

How Her Music Impacts the Idea of Empowerment

Idina Menzel isn’t only a strong voice. She’s also a strong woman, who hopes to use her status to help other women through difficulty and challenge in life. The Just a Kiss actress also explained that many of her vocal representation in Frozen and Wicked promote rising above extreme negative emotion like depression or anxiety.

Elsa singing "let it go"

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“When you’re singing “Let It Go” or even “Defying Gravity” in Wicked and you’re a woman that sometimes feels depressed or insecure about your own life, it feels hypocritical. I’ve wanted to make sure people understand that we all struggle, that you can’t always rise above – there are going to be days where it’s going to be really hard.”

Source: Magic 106.7 

Menzel is 100% dedicated to the idea of exceptional women, co-founding A BroaderWay Foundation, which offers the change for young girls from underserved communities the opportunity of “self-expression and creativity through arts-centered programs.” Using her impact on music to pursue a brighter future for tomorrow’s youth is something often missing among Hollywood elite, but despite her fame, Menzel remains as humble as they come. Idina’s Menzel’s new dance-album, Drama Queen, is now available on Apple Music.

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