Was Nicolas Cage Visiting Disneyland to Promote a New Ride? Or Was It Ryan Gosling?

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Credit: Flickr @CelebsFacts/ Marvel Studios/ Disneyland

It isn’t uncommon to bump into celebrities when visiting Disney Parks. Personally, I’ve had the luck of running into Tim Burton, John Travolta, and producer Paul Matthews. Some guests to Disneyland may have gotten a serious surprise when they accidentally bumped into Nicolas Cage or Ryan Gosling yesterday!

Nicolas Cage

Credit: Disney

Nic Cage, Hollywood Enigma

Nicolas Cage, known for his impeccable talent and diverse range, has captivated audiences worldwide with his unforgettable performances. From his iconic roles in National Treasure (2004) and Con Air (1997) to his critically acclaimed portrayal in Leaving Las Vegas (1995), Cage continues to showcase his artistic brilliance on the big screen.

Born Nicolas Kim Coppola into the famed Coppola family, he has forged his own path in Hollywood, earning an Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in Leaving Las Vegas (1995) and a Golden Globe for his performance in Adaptation (2002). Cage’s career is a testament to his dedication to his craft and his ability to bring depth and authenticity to every character he embodies.

Nic Cage Ghost Rider

Credit: Marvel Studios

Beyond his on-screen success, Cage’s personal life has also drawn attention, from his marriages to Lisa Marie Presley and Alice Kim to his recent union with Riko Shibata. His eclectic filmography includes everything from action-packed blockbusters like Ghost Rider (2007) to more nuanced roles in films like Raising Arizona (1987) and Moonstruck (1987).

Nicolas Cage’s magnetic presence, undeniable talent, and penchant for taking on challenging roles have solidified his status as one of the most versatile and compelling actors in Hollywood. His legacy will undoubtedly endure, leaving an indelible mark on the film industry for years to come.

Nicolas Cage is an All Around Nice Guy

Despite the sometimes bizarre personalities that the Los Angeles-based actor has played in the film, the popular understanding is that the former spouse of Patricia Arquette is apparently an all-around great guy! Although described as an often “bespoke” individual, Cage is referred to by fans as nice and down-to-earth, although popular media has painted him as misunderstood and zany.

nicolas cage national treasure

Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Still, although he’s one of the most popular film stars in the Western hemisphere, it appears that Cage, in all of his niceness, made his way to the “happiest place on earth yesterday,” with the joke in tail that he was there promoting a new dark ride based around his time with Disney filming National Treasure (2004).

Photos Cause Confusion

 Although many shared an image snapped of the potential star, quickly the internet became confused as one media source quoted that the image was that of La La Land (2016) and Barbie (2023) star, Ryan Gosling.

Not only that, the image is a tough sale as Nicolas Cage. Shared here by X user @DisneyScoopGuy, you can be the judge.

Originally shared by @love_my_kids_3,

many in the comments didn’t miss their chance to poke fun at the potential inclusion of Nicolas Cage at Disneyland in the form of a new attraction. Or simply announcing that he was there to covertly steal coveted and cherished Disney historical items.

Although it appears that the original post claiming the film star to actually be Ryan Gosling has since been removed, a peak into the comment section of this particular tweet will prove that it did, in fact, exist at one point and time.

Cage has currently been at work on his new film, Arcadian, in which he and sons hide from nocturnal monsters. Peak the trailer below!

So, what do you think? Is that really Nicolas Cage? Or is it Ryan Gosling? Have you ever had a celebrity encounter during your Disney vacation?

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  1. It was really Nicholas Cage, I was there and actually sat near him and his family. Once you heard his voice, there was no mistaking him for anyone else.

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