Guest Embarrassed as Universal Employee Publicly Admonishes Them For Breaking the Rules on Classic Attraction

jurassic park river adventure
Credit: Universal

Whether visiting Walt Disney World Resort or Universal Orlando Resort, you’ll notice that both Resort locations have strict rules and theme park policies. You’ll also notice that these rules are enforced very rigorously.

This may seem annoying or ‘un-magical,’ but truthfully, each rule has been put in place for the safety and well-being of every Guest and employee. So even the smallest rules are worth following.

Credit: Universal

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Recently, though, Universal has been cracking down on one rule in particular: no cell phones out while riding the attractions.

In the modern day and age, cell phones are more important to us than ever. Nowadays, a smartphone holds enough information to make it as important as one’s ID, credit card, or car keys.

Which is why we never want to part with them. When Universal or Disney requires Guests to place their cell phones in a locker or with another Guest who isn’t riding the attraction, some Guests simply can’t bear it.

Credit: Flickr, Inside the Magic

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But taking a cell phone onto an attraction and using it is never a good idea. At best, the use of a cell phone on an attraction can be a distraction. At worst, it can be downright dangerous. Which is why Universal had to call one Guest out for the use of their smartphone while riding Jurassic Park River Adventure:


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In this video, one Guest is trying to take a video of the Jurassic Park River Adventure attraction. The ride has just begun, and the iconic gates haven’t even opened yet.

However, the Universal Team Member is quick to get on the intercoms, telling the Guest in question to put their cell phone away.

jurassic park river adventure hadrosaur and trex

Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

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While the Guest in question wrote that they felt embarrassed to have been called out, the Team Member was only doing their job and enforcing an incredibly important rule.

Jurassic Park River Adventure involves a drop of nearly 90 feet, reaching speeds up to 50 miles per hour. If the Guest were to lose their grip on their phone, it could easily have hurt someone.

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