Universal Theme Park Takes Action as Guests Repeatedly Break Theme Park Rules

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When it comes to theme park rules, it can be difficult to enforce all of them at once. With so many Guests visiting the same place at once, it’s possible for some rule-breaking to slip under the radar.

However, thanks to this Universal Park’s latest addition, slipping under the radar is impossible. Literally.


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In the modern age,  smartphones aren’t just a fun appliance, they’re a necessity. Our entire lives and the contemporary equivalent to the Library of Alexandria can fit in the little computers we store in our pockets, and some of us simply can’t get enough, even when riding high-speed roller coasters.

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Unfortunately, having a smartphone on any roller coaster attraction is incredibly dangerous. If the device flies out of your hand, it could hit another Guest, an employee, or even affect the attraction’s mechanics.

As a result, many Disney attractions have outright banned the use of smart devices while riding. Universal Orlando Resort has also outright banned any loose personal belongings in many high-speed attractions, including cellphones.

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Not only that, but Universal Orlando Resort has also introduced metal detectors in some ride queues to detect any rule-breaking. Now, Universal Studios Japan is following suit.

According to a report made by Inside the Magic, Universal Studios Japan has also implemented metal detectors in front of its Jurassic Park-themed roller-coaster, The Flying Dinosaur.

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Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

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This is similar to the metal detectors placed in the Universal Orlando Resort’s Jurassic World VelociCoaster attraction queue.

Not only that but after passing through the metal detector, Guests will also be scanned with a manual metal detector by a Park employee.

While it may seem like overkill, it’s an important rule to uphold. While some attractions require metal detectors in Universal Orlando Resort, no manual metal detectors have become necessary…yet.

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