Guest Breaks Rules, Loses Phone On Popular Universal Attraction

top roller coaster orlando hagrids-magical-creatures-motorbike-adventure
Credit: Universal

Whether visiting Walt Disney World Resort or Universal Orlando Resort, there are a lot of rules to follow. Some of them are precisely the same! For example, on certain Disney attractions, such as Expedition Everest, Guests cannot have loose articles out and in their hands—namely, cell phones.

At Universal Orlando Resort, nearly every attraction has a similar rule, especially the roller coasters. Each roller coaster, whether in Universal Studios Orlando or Islands of Adventure, requires Guests to rent a locker and store their belongings.

Credit: Universal

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However, one of these rules is almost always broken, as Guests nearly always bring cell phones onto attractions. After all, the lines are usually long, and Guests want something to do while waiting.

But bringing a cell phone onto a high-speed attraction can be incredibly risky:

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In this video, a Guest is clearly riding the Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure attraction, and they’ve taken their phone out to film it.

As they turn around to capture their son’s reaction, the phone flies out of their hands.

Harry Potter

Credit: Universal Studios

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Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the original video, so we have very little context. We do know that the Guest was able to retrieve their cell phone to post this video. But it’s worth noting that Guests are not always able to retrieve cell phones once they’re lost at attractions.

Hargid Ride Universal

Credit: Universal

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Luckily, it doesn’t seem like anybody was hurt.

However, a cell phone falling out of someone’s hand during a high-speed roller coaster can be very dangerous. In the worst-case scenario, a Guest could be struck by it and injured.

Although rules are no fun, it’s essential to follow them, especially when it comes to theme park attractions.

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