Walt Disney World Pulls Off EPIC April Fools Day Prank

Mickey Mouse
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It wasn’t just Disney fans participating in the pranks this year!

Yesterday, April 1, was an important holiday for those who love chaos and humor. If you somehow missed it, yesterday was April Fools Day, a holiday where you are supposed to prank people! The Disney community loves to get involved in the April fool’s day hijinx, our website may have even posted a couple ourselves…

However, all former pranks were deemed irrelevant after Walt Disney World Resort pulled off the most hilarious and devious prank that only a true Disney fan could notice.

Spaceship Earth at EPCOT

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Trouble at Club Cool

There are many inside jokes that only Disney fans will understand. When it comes to the Parks, there are lots of things that over the years have become iconic for all the wrong reasons. One of those things is the drink selection in Club Cool at EPCOT. Club Cool is an incredible part of the Parks. This shop is located in World Celebration and it offers complimentary drinks to help Guests cool off throughout the day.

Club Cool

Credit: Disney

One of the most awesome parts of Club Cool is how they bring in unique Coca-Cola drink flavors from all over the world. It really helps remind us about the international aspect that Walt Disney envisioned for EPCOT. The drinks provided can sometimes change, but they are usually Bon Bon Anglais from Madagascar, Country Club Merengue from the Dominican Republic, Minute Maid Joy Apple Lychee from Korea, Royal Wattamelon from the Philippines, Smart Sour Plum from China, Sprite Cucumber from Russia, and Viva Rasperry from Moldova. Last, and definitely least, is Beverly from Italy.

Beverly is a drink very popular in Italy for its bitter taste. Unfortunately, American taste buds do not have to pallet for it. It is a long-running joke amongst fans that the Beverly drink is truly disgusting. That’s why Guests were shocked to see that yesterday, the only drink offered was Beverly!

Club Cool EPCOT

Credit: WDWMagic

This prank is absolutely hilarious! Fans all over the internet sounded off about how funny they thought this was. Disney has not officially confirmed that this was intentional; it could have just been a shortage. Regardless, this is hilarious and the timing was perfect!

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