Prank on Disney Spring’s Fountain Turned Water to Bubbles at Walt Disney World

According to photos and updates on Doctor Disney’s Facebook page, the fountain to one of the entrances at Disney Springs has been the victim of a prank.  It appears that a bubble solution was added to the fountain to turn it into a full on bubble fest.  The fountain is the one that is located close Buena Vista Drive and Hotel Plaza Blvd.  It appears that Disney security is on the scene.

There are no reports yet as to if there have been any other pranks or if they have any suspects in this event.  It appears to be mostly harmless, but still an unfortunate event for Disney to have to deal with.  Hopefully the bubble solution won’t cause issues with the fountain’s systems.  We will keep you updated if we hear more to this unusual story!

Photo Credit:  Melissa F. (#ImSoDisney) and Doctor Disney

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