Walt Disney World Faces BACKLASH Over “Disastrous” After-Hours Event

Monorail at EPCOT
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This event seemed like a total rip-off!

For many fans visiting Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort, the worst part of their trip is the crowds. At places as popular as Disney Parks, crowds are pretty much an unavoidable part of the experience. However, there are certainly some ways to navigate the long lines in the Parks.

If you are someone who is hoping to ride more rides in a shorter amount of time, Disney’s after-hours ticketed events might be the right solution for you. Both Parks offer special events where a limited number of tickets are sold to Guests hoping to have a more intimate Park experience. Not only are Guests able to skip the long lines, but Disney also offers free snacks included with the price.

However, not all events go as smoothly as planned. A Guest is furious after their after-hours event was anything but magical.

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EPCOT After Hours Fails to Deliver

The EPCOT After Hours Event offers Guests the chance to experience everything that this beautiful Disney Park has to offer without the hustle and bustle of regular Park hours. Guests can roam the Park with fewer crowds, shorter wait times, and a more relaxed atmosphere. This after-hours event is one of the newest that has been brought to Walt Disney World Resort.

The EPCOT After Hours Event can be purchased as an add-on ticket for $129, which grants exclusive access to the Park from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. The ticket includes entry to some of EPCOT’s best attractions, including newly added ones such as Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind.

When Guests are paying his amount of money for an extra event, they expect Disney to deliver what is advertised. Unfortunately, Disney did not live up to the hype for this event.

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Guests Shares “Epcot After Hours Disaster”

A Guest who attended the EPCOT after-hours event on June 1 has shared details on the less-than-satisfactory event. The Guests reported that lines were still long and numerous rides were broken. They said;

“EPCOT After Hours Disaster

GOG is a 60 minute wait with one train down and Remys is down too. Lots of people are unhappy…

Edit: The snack stations were weird too. Water, popcorn and ice cream were all separated. And the water and ice cream stations weren’t lit and at first didn’t have any product out so you didn’t know what was what.

Overall I don’t think I saw anyone get rude on either side but the disappointment was just so thick in the air right out of the gate.

Edit 2: And I don’t even think it was sold out, you could still buy tickets this afternoon. So in theory it could have been even worse.”

Epcot After Hours Disaster
by u/ren_in_rome in WaltDisneyWorld

It is so unfortunate to hear that an event like this was a letdown for this fan. Hopefully, Disney will be able to sort things out and make the EPCOT after-hours event run smoother in the future. For now, Guests might want to check out some of the other after-hours events offered in other Parks.

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