After Hours at Disney Park Will Soon Be Unavailable

Disney's Hollywood Studios at Night
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The supply can not meet the demand!

Another Disney After Hours event is about to come to an early end. For many families, visiting the Park during the day can feel overwhelming. Luckily for Guests at Walt Disney World Resort, Disney offers special “after hours” events. These events give Guests special access to the Parks after they are closed to the general public. Fans who love this ticketed event are shocked to know that only a few more tickets are being offered at Disney’s Hollywood Studios for the rest of the season.

hollywood studios entrance

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After Hours Nearly Sells Out at a Second Park

Disney After Hours is a staple for many Disney fans. This event allows Guests to see the Park after regular hours. It gives a whole new perspective on the land. The event also is incredibly time effective when it comes to getting on as many rides as possible. The smaller crowds make it so Guests can ride a lot of rides in less time. Special treats are also included in the price of admissions.

After Hours makes the Parks more accessible for many people who get overwhelmed by the massive crowds. They have become very popular, and tickets have been selling more. It is not uncommon to see the events sell out.

Earlier this week, that is what happened at Magic Kingdom Park. The Park ended up selling out for the entire season. This news was devastating to many fans.

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Credit: Disney

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Selling Quickly

A seasonal sellout is likely happening for another Disney Park. Disney’s Hollywood Studios has sold out more nights of their After Hours event. After Hours events will be happening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios from now until June 28, 2023. So far, around half of those events have sold out.

disney after hours

If you want to attend one f these events, you should consider buying a ticket as soon as possible. Tickets are $149 each. There are also after-hours events at other Parks including Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and EPCOT still available.


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