Walt Disney World Community Comes Together to Mend a Broken Heart

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Walt Disney World has been officially hailed as the Most Magical Place on Earth, and it’s true! But even the Most Magical Place on Earth can’t stop a bad day from happening.

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A bad day at a Disney Park is easily worse than a regular, degular lousy day, by far! Whether you lose something incredibly important like your wallet or your keys, or whether you ruin your favorite pair of shoes once an unforecasted Florida storm rolls in, bad days happen at Disney.

For one Guest, though, this may have been the worst day at Walt Disney World…

Got dumped today at Epcot. Any tips for enjoying the park alone?
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One Guest recently visited Walt Disney World with her boyfriend after having paid for the entire trip, only for him to dump her while they were visiting EPCOT.

Understandably devastated, she took to the Walt Disney World subreddit, an online space full of those who love the Resort, asking for advice on how to salvage the Disney trip.

Immediately, the community came together to help.

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Fans of Walt Disney World Resort offered advice on how to have a great rest of the day at EPCOT (which may or may not have involved grabbing a drink from each pavilion).

They also offered advice on how to kick her ex-boyfriend off the Disney Resort hotel reservation, considering she had been the one to front all the money for the trip!

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In the end, hundreds of people reached out, all with advice, condolences, or well wishes. For the Guest visiting EPCOT, it resulted in happy tears instead of heartbroken ones.

Even when separated by distance, how sweet is it to know that Disney fans are always there with advice and well wishes! In an increasingly unfriendly world, that’s the real Disney magic.

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