VIDEO: Man Orders Burger King with Goofy and Mickey Voice

Man ordered food with goofy and mickey voice

You just never know which video will go viral next on social media! A recent video is spreading fast among the Disney fandom as a man orders Burger King with a Goofy and Mickey Mouse voice impression.

Tusker House Mickey and Goofy
Credit: Disney

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Typically when we share viral videos, they seem to go viral for all the wrong reasons. From the TikTok “free shirt hack,” which involves dressing inappropriately to get free clothing from Disney to the viral fights such as the massive brawl at Magic Kingdom Park… typically, there is a negative spin that takes videos viral.

But that’s not the case with this viral video which has currently surmounted over 6.6 million views on social media!

Mickey's ToonTown
Credit: Disney

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There is something magical about the character voice of Mickey Mouse and his best pal Goofy. Well, Joshua Moyer (@mr_dupree_voiceover) decided to use his Goofy and Mickey voice impressions to order from the drive-thru at the fast-food chain Burger King.

Not only is Moyer’s voice spot on, matching Goofy and Mickey perfectly, but we love the laughing from the Burger King employee. Check out the video below:


viral goofy mickeymouse comedia fyp impressions

♬ original sound – Joshua Moyer

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WOW. Just wow! Can you imagine being the employee and hearing that on the other end of the order?

People quickly commented on the video with notes such as “This is AMAZING!” and more praise. One person even asked, “omg can you please call my daughter as Mickey,” to which Moyer responded, “Sure.”

TikTok comment for Joshua Moyer

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Well done, Moyer! We’re fairly certain you could land a job with The Walt Disney Company any day with that voice talent.

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