“Untouchable” Marvel Executive Leaves Company Amid Iger’s Firing Spree

Victoria Alonso
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The Walt Disney Company is undergoing some drastic changes, and no one is safe.

It has just been announced that a major executive at Marvel has shockingly just left the company. Victoria Alonso has been with Marvel Studios for nearly two decades; she is one of the original executives of the company. This loss is a clear sign of some major internal issues at the Walt Disney Company.

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Marvel loses Victoria Alonso

Victoria Alonso has been a landmark for Marvel Studios. Alonso, who is from Argentina, is a filmmaker who has served as one of Keven Feige’s right-hand men. She, alongside Feige and Louis D’Espositio, has been an unstoppable trio since they first joined forces on Iron Man in 2008.

Alonso is an accomplished producer and has been attached to some of Marvel Studio’s biggest successes. Her credits include Loki, The Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther, and Iron Man. She is known as a hardworking and incredibly intelligent asset to the company. The fact that she is leaving the company comes as a major shock to many of her fans.

Victoria Alonso

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It is no secret that Marvel Studios is having a tough time at the current moment. Phase 4 in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was a critical flop, and now that the company has entered Phase 5, it doesn’t seem like things are getting much better. Alonso leaving is not exactly what Marvel needs right now.

Alonso Leaves Huge Hole at Marvel

Alonso’s exit from Marvel Studios comes just days after it was revealed that Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger has directed department heads to create a list of 4,000 employees to be terminated.

Victoria Alonso

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The Hollywood Reporter broke the story of Alonso’s leave, and they interviewed Kamran Pasha, a media industry expert. When discussing Alonso’s departure, Pasha explains, “This is going to be an earthquake within Disney, because she was one of the high-level untouchables.” Pasha goes on to say, “If she can be guillotined like this without any warning, this is bigger news than I think a lot of people realize.”

The shocking news is sure to be just the beginning as Iger’s shakeup continues.

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