Universal Studios Orlando Beats Disney World Again: Takes First Steps in Introducing New Tech

Universal Orlando Beats Disney World Again: Takes First Steps In Introducing a New Tech
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We recently wrote about the idea of Walt Disney World doing away with fireworks and choosing drone technology instead. Although that may have seemed like a ridiculous argument to many of our readers, Disney’s biggest theme park competition, Universal Studios Orlando, maybe one step ahead of the House of Mouse in the battle for I-4.

drones at disney

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Drones are a versatile, reusable option that theme parks are starting to explore in terms of entertainment. Although for decades, parks like Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando, have utilized fireworks to light-up the night skies, new technology may prove to be more advantage, and costly, as the tech catches up with the creatively brilliant minds who design nighttime spectaculars.

Drones, currently used outside of the United States, have been a topic of much debate, but we can’t deny that they look fabulous when they create dazzling designs high in the air above some of our favorite theme park landmarks.

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As the battle for theme park supremacy rages on in Orlando, and already taking a whopping L to the chin with the announcement of Epic Universe, Walt Disney World could be behind the curb when it comes to advancements in nighttime entertainment, especially considering what onlookers in Orlando caught on video last night.

Although Disney has been utilizing drones overseas, mainly in Disneyland Paris, it seems the technology will soon be headed to Universal Orlando Resort. Orlando natives and visitors got a impromptu first look at testing of these high-flying mechanics last night as the sun set on I-4, bringing the possibility of drones being used at Universal Orlando first a reality.

epic universe

Credit: Universal Studios Orlando Resort

This would be another check in the loser column for Walt Disney World, who, combined with castle projections and a flying actress, still heavily rely on fireworks for their Magic Kingdom nighttime spectacular “Happily Ever After.”

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Although some have seen drone testing over the skies at Disney Springs in the past few months, with the upcoming opening of Universal Studios Florida’s fourth park (including Volcano Bay), Epic Universe, the battle is on, and it seems that Universal Parks don’t plan to pull any punches.

Drone at Disneyland Paris

Credit: Disney, Canva

The footage, posted to X, formerly Twitter, by numerous sources, shows the potential drone show testing from last night, featuring multi-colored drones sparkling and creating amazing shapes of all sizes.

These versatile, programmable flying robots are the next-gen in nighttime entertainment, and many have awaited Disney’s introduction of them to their theme parks at Walt Disney World Resort.

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But, as the story has been lately, it seems that Disney will miss out on being another “first” in the Orlando market, losing out to Universal Studios once again, as certainly a drone show will be a big part of Epic Universe once it opens.

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