Could Drones Be Featured in Disney World’s Nighttime Show?

Drones making a Mickey shape at Disneyland Paris
Credit: Disney

We reported that Disneyland Paris was returning the Main Street Electrical Parade in a brand-new way. This beautiful overseas park has a new drone show inspired by this beloved evening parade. “Symphony of Colours” arrived in 2024. The new show features more drones and fireworks inspired by the train floats from Main Street, U.S.A. Electrical Parade.

Drone at Disneyland Paris

Credit: Disney, Canva

Disneyland Paris has always been known for its spectacular entertainment, making the Disney Park hard to compete with, from outstanding stage shows, parade floats, and evening spectaculars.

But, could guests visiting Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, also be getting a fantastic drone show in the future?

Drones Coming to Florida

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In the above social media post, DLP Report stated that Dronisos, the French company that is the mastermind behind the drones in Disneyland Paris, has opened an office in Orlando, Florida.

Also, the post stated the company’s first production took place in Downtown Orlando on December 23, where they brought their amazing drone talents to the Orlando area for the holiday season.

Seeing this company set up residency close to Walt Disney World Resort can lead us to hope and believe that it might be possible for a Florida park to look into using this technology in future years.


Credit: Disney

Previous Show

Drones have previously been used at the Walt Disney World Resort.

In 2016, guests visiting Disney Springs could enjoy the Starbright Holidays. This holiday show featured drones and songs that added to the holiday celebration. This show was short-lived, as we haven’t seen anything like it since 2017.

Besides these two limited times, we have yet to see Walt Disney World Resort utilize drones in their nighttime shows.

Disneyland Paris drone show

Credit: Disney

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Moving Forward With Drones at Disney

Using drones during the nighttime shows would give Disney much more flexibility regarding its entertainment offerings.

At Disney’s Animal Kingdom, a large nighttime show does not occur. Fireworks are not used for the safety of the animals that make this Disney Park home. The incorporation of drones would allow this park to add an evening show full of magic and wonder.

The cost of fireworks for Disney costs the company between $40,000 and $50,000 each night. If drones could help limit this cost while still bringing the magic and awe to the nighttime shows, it could be an excellent option for Disney and guests!

fireworks magic kingdom castle

Credit: Disney

When visiting Disneyland Paris this past summer, we love the nighttime drone show. Seeing their designs high up in the sky over the castle was breathtaking. This technology could genuinely transform the night-time shows in Disney Parks.

Would you like to see drones arrive at Walt Disney World? Let us know in the comments. 

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