Two Women Arrested After Fight Over Walt Disney World Tickets Results in Hospitalization

A triptych image: left and center are headshots of two women wearing glasses, right shows people walking towards a castle in Walt Disney World Resort with floating balloons.
Credit: Disney, Sumter County Detention Center

It doesn’t seem like this pair was feeling the Disney Parks magic! From an outside perspective, Disney Parks are full of joy, happiness, and wholesome fun. Guests travel from all over the world to buy into the magic and joy that the theme parks provide, and for the vast majority, that can be found when you come with kindness and patience.

Unfortunately, not all Disney fans exhibit such a kind and calm demeanor. Over the years, several arrests have occurred at Walt Disney World Resort, many involving serious charges. In the past, Disney guests have been arrested for various crimes, on-property fights being a common one.

Now, a recent off-property fight is making the news due to the item at the center of their feud: Disney Park tickets. The incident, which happened in The Villages in Florida, has resulted in the arrest of both women and the hospitalization of one of them.

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Florida Vacation Turns Sour Over Golf Cart and Ticket Fight

During their vacation in Florida, two women from Missouri found themselves in an unexpected and rather bizarre situation that led to their arrest at a home in The Villages. What started as a dispute over a golf cart and Walt Disney World Resort tickets quickly escalated, resulting in law enforcement intervention.

28-year-old Gina Leah Danforth and 31-year-old Katherine Northrup were visiting Florida from Missouri this week. On Monday at 11 a.m., the vacation took a turn for the worse when police were called on their dispute. According to the police report, the fight included spitting, pushing, punching, and screaming.

Two mugshots side by side; on the left, a woman with dark hair and glasses, and on the right, a woman arrested at Walt Disney World Resort with blonde hair and glasses. Both face

Credit: Sumter County Detention Center

After police arrived on the scene, both women were assessed for injuries. While Northrup walked away with minor injuries assessed by EMS on the scene, Danforth chose to be transported via ambulance to the UF Health-The Villages Hospital freestanding Emergency Room at Brownwood.

Following the incident, both women were arrested for battery and booked at the Sumter County Detention Center. Later on, both Northrup and Danforth were released after they posted bond. As of now, no further update has been given on this situation.

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An Unfortunate Reminder

The arrests of these individuals shed light on the fact that altercations can arise from unexpected triggers and escalate quickly if not handled with care and understanding. It’s a cautionary tale that even in places known for relaxation and fun, like Florida, conflicts can arise that have serious consequences, such as legal repercussions and law enforcement involvement.

This incident serves as a stark reminder that maintaining composure and resolving conflicts peacefully is essential, even in the midst of what should be a carefree vacation. The stress of vacation can often take its toll on people, and it is essential to approach all disagreements with kindness and compassion.

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