Drunk Disney Guest Beaten and Arrested After Making Fun of Disabled Woman

Drunk Man Brent George Arrested Disney BoardWalk
Credit: Disney/Orange County Corrections

When Walt Disney opened Disneyland Park in 1955, he fulfilled his dream of creating a magical place that adults and children could enjoy together, as a family. He then decided to expand upon that dream in a BIG way — creating his top-secret “Florida Project”, which would be the Walt Disney World Resort. Since then, Disney has expanded and has theme parks all over the world, and Walt’s dream is bigger than he probably ever thought it would be.

Walt Disney Disneyland

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Now, one of the things that Walt was adamant about was keeping his parks dry, meaning that there would be no alcohol sales within the gates. The company stayed true to that rule until EPCOT opened at Disney World in 1982. That was the first Disney theme park to sell alcohol and, now, you can find alcohol for sale in Disney theme parks worldwide.

EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival

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Drinking at Disney has definitely become a point of contention among many guests. And that is because there are some guests who don’t know how to control themselves when it comes to drinking. There are thousands of guests who have a couple of drinks while at Disney and are fine. Then, there are guests who think that it is completely fine to get absolutely wasted while at Disney, and that can lead to some very serious problems, and even police intervention.

Guest attempts to get Drunk at Magic Kingdom

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Police intervention is exactly what happened at Disney’s BoardWalk in late January.

According to a recently released police report from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Brent George — who was visiting from Ohio — was arrested for battery after an altercation that took place at the Belle Vue Lounge. The Belle Vue Lounge is a small and beautiful spot located at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn.

Belle Vue Lounge BoardWalk Inn

Credit: Disney

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The police report states that police were called to the Belle Vue Lounge after a fight broke out, and a man sustained some serious injuries. When they arrived, they said that Mr. George had some facial injuries and reported having a glass thrown at his head. Mr. George admitted that he had several shots of bourbon and a beer before the fight broke out. He said that he was having a “good time,” when he was attacked by a group at a nearby table.

Belle Vue Lounge

Credit: Disney Dining

Mr. George said that he could not remember why he was attacked. He said that he did not know what was said, and he did not know who had hit him in the face.

However, the other group involved in the altercation remembered exactly what happened. According to Wesley Goldberg, identified as “victim 2”, a drunk Mr. George came over to their table and began making fun of his sister. The report states that the sister in question has Down Syndrome and was in a wheelchair. Mr. Goldberg said that Mr. George was mocking the sounds that Wesley’s sister was making.

Brent George arrest police report

Credit: Orange County Clerk’s Office

Wesley’s mother, Candace (“victim 1”), stood up and asked Brent George if he was making fun of her severely disabled daughter. Mr. George then allegedly shoved Ms. Boyette-Goldberg twice. He then slapped another woman across the face when she stood up to defend Ms. Boyette-Goldberg.

Wesley Goldberg, who is married to Maria, stood up and an all-out brawl took place. Wesley says that he was punched in the neck by Mr. George. He then punched Mr. George in the face, which is what caused the injuries noted by police when they first arrived. Although Mr. George said that he was hit with a glass, that statement appeared to be false.

Disney BoardWalk

Credit: Disney

The Goldberg family provided police with both written and verbal statements. They said that they would be pursuing assault charges against Mr. George. Mr. George spoke to police, but would not provide them with a written statement.

Based on the statements provided and the fact that Mr. George struck the victims first, deputies arrested him on four counts of battery and taken to the Orange County Booking and Release Center. Mr. George has pleaded not guilty and has been released on bond.

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  1. Yes I think alochol should not be serverd at disney .as a smoker we have to go outside the park and cause no one harm. Yet you can walk about disney drunk and cause a nuisance to other patrons.

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