Popular Influencer Called Out for Filming Disney Security

Two characters dressed as Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse stand happily in front of colorful, cartoon-style buildings. A security officer, facing away from the camera, stands in the foreground, wearing a black jacket labeled "SECURITY." The scene appears to be at a theme park.
Credit: Disney Dining

When visiting Disneyland Resort, each guest must go through security checkpoints before they are allowed to enter the Downtown Disney District, Disneyland Park, or Disney California Adventure Park. Guests must wait in line to have a Disney security guard check the items in their bags and strollers. Once the bags have been checked and approved, the guest must put their bag on another table while they walk through a metal detector. Once cleared, they can enjoy their day at the Happiest Place on Earth.

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Credit: Disney

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Recently, X (formerly Twitter) user, Matt DH (@DisneyScoopGuy) filmed a new security procedure in place at Disneyland. Guests used to be able to slide their bags down the table themselves before walking through the metal detector. Now, there is plexiglass there and another Disney security guard takes the bag while the guest walks through the metal detector.

Disneyland magic Key Holders over it

Credit: Disney

It seemed odd to add that extra step since the bags had already been inspected.

Disneyland has somehow made security at the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure less efficient. You no longer slide your own items forward you have to wait for the security guard to go grab a bowl for you to put your stuff in then wait for them to slide it forward. They also take your bag and slide it forward for you and there’s a plastic shield separating people from their items for some reason. It looks like a TSA security checkpoint that someone ordered from Temu.

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While Matt DH was trying to share his new observations, he was quickly called out for filming Disney’s security procedures. Many said that he was not allowed to film the process.

Hi. You are not allowed to film security ANYWHERE – from the airport to even Disneyland. Posting this is irresponsible and dangerous. I’d advise deleting this and not filming security in the future.

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Matt defended his decision, saying that there were no rules against him filming Disneyland’s security system. He also pointed out that there were many other videos featuring Disney security.

I’ve seen zero evidence to suggest it’s banned at Disneyland but a plethora of videos of Disneyland security with zero complaints of getting banned over it. Airports present a nation security threat whereas Disneyland does not

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Despite saying there was no rule against filming, Matt continued to be called out on the social media platform.

Am I the only one to feel like recording a security check point process is no bueno? In a world of constant mass shootings, having security is important and we don’t want to give anyone a chance to plan around it. Not that the rules are explicitly said, it just feels…not good.

Some who called Matt out said that they had personally been told by Disney that filming the theme park’s security processes is not allowed. They also told him to stop arguing with people who were all telling him the same thing.

I’ve literally been told by Disneyland security that photography or videography of the security screening process is not allowed. Multiple people are telling you this and you’re refusing to believe them.

It should be noted that nothing specific on the Disneyland Resort website says filming Disneyland security or the security process is against the rules. An internet search has also not provided any specific statements from Disney saying that guests are not allowed to film security. We only know that guests are not allowed to film any backstage areas.

Do you think filming Disney security or security procedures should be against the rules? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. So this clown doesnt know you cant film security yet there are many live streamers that turn their cameras away as they are going through security. They clearly know about it and its common sense.

  2. is this really all you have to worry about? I’m not sure who is worse here. the person posting or me for taking my time to read this and actually post a comment.

  3. Keep up the filming, all you are doing is showing a procedure, nothing intrusive. It let’s people, woke enough to go there, see what their doing for security. You not showing xray screens, the inside of people’s bags or anything personal, just a person pushing a tray.

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