Guests Accuse Disney World Security of Racial Profiling, Calling It ‘Infuriating

Disney Hollywood Studios
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Walt Disney World Resort guests recently accused security cast members of targeting them and racial profiling after multiple incidents at the theme park entrances. The guests spoke out on social media, hoping for changes at Magic Kingdom Park, EPCOT, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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After disembarking from most transportation methods except the Monorail, Disney Park guests must clear a security checkpoint before scanning their tickets. These security checkpoints used to involve mandatory bag checks but have been simplified in recent years with more thorough metal detectors. Now, Walt Disney World security cast members only perform bag checks and more invasive security screenings when the detectors flag guests.

Security at Disney World

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Like any manufactured technology, metal detectors aren’t perfect. They frequently erroneously flag guests, particularly those carrying portable cell phone charges, sunglasses cases, small tins containing bandages or mints, collapsible umbrellas, and other small metallic objects.

Redditor u/WimpyWookiee was stumped when he and his wife were repeatedly targeted for additional screening during a recent visit to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. They’d visited other Disney parks without issue.

“We’ve been here for a few days and haven’t had any problems,” the guest wrote. “Today at Hollywood Studios my wife and I went through this morning and my wife set off the detector and I went through fine. They didn’t find anything with the wand. We left for lunch and came back and my wife went through and I got stopped. Same thing with the wand. Anyone else just randomly get stopped?”

Guest and Security Cast Member wearing facemasks at Tokyo Disney Resort

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Other fans shared similar experiences with Disney security. Most were able to resolve the issue after identifying the flagged item.

“We use the Welly bandaids and the tin kept setting it off, but I didn’t know that was the problem,” said u/Low_Wave_2458. “Finally a nice security guard let me know and we didn’t have any problems after that.”

“My wife carries my sunglasses case in her bag and always gets flagged and has to wait for bag check,” u/paulie1172 replied. “The last day we went, I was holding them and she went right through. I think security even told us the case has springs or something that throws the machine off.”

A security metal detector in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort.

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Still, others felt that Walt Disney World Resort security cast members intentionally targeted guests.

“My husband and I go through with a stroller and our stuff and each and every time, he gets pulled and I don’t,” u/Rough-Ad-7992 wrote. “He’s a minority and it’s definitely racial profiling. We have switched items and traded off so many times to see what happens and every time they pull him and wand him with literally nothing on him.”

“Now he just hands everything to me when we go in because they tell me to have a good day and pull him,” the guest continued. “If he doesn’t have the bags it’s quicker to get through.”

Busses lined up in a Walt Disney World parking lot at the Transportation and Ticket Center.

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“Last trip I got stopped for water bottle, sunglasses case, backup battery, tiny metal pill holder, and my tiny collection of Disney pins,” said u/madskis. “Literally every time I went through security I was holding more and more stuff in front of me but I STILL got stopped.”

“It’s one of those mildly infuriating things that I wish they would address, but know it is rightly low or no priority,” u/hurtfulproduct wrote.

It’s undoubtedly better for Disney Park security to mistakenly flag a few pairs of sunglasses than miss one dangerous weapon, but that doesn’t make interruptions any less frustrating. Guests can make some changes to lower their risk of additional screening, like packing small items in non-metal containers. Security cast members also recommend holding sunglasses cases, portable chargers, umbrellas, and other metal objects out in front of your body while walking through the scanners.

Have you felt targeted or profiled by Walt Disney World security? 

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