Disneyland Makes Entering Parks a Lot More Annoying

A person in a Mickey Mouse costume poses for the camera with an arm outstretched, while a security guard wearing sunglasses and a cap labeled "Security" stands beside them with arms crossed. The background features vibrant, whimsical buildings.
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While there are six Disney Resorts around the world — Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort, Shanghai Disney, Hong Kong Disney, Disneyland Paris, and Tokyo Disney — they are not all created equal. Some are bigger than others, they have different rides, attractions, and performances. There are also a ton of different food and merchandise offerings. Heck, there are even different rules that guests must follow while visiting.

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But one thing that you can count on when visiting any Disney Resort is a high level of security. Disney wants everyone who visits its theme parks to feel completely safe and secure while on property. Disney theme parks not only employ their own security officers but also work with local authorities and have them present in the parks as well.

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Before you can enter a Disney theme park, each guest must go through a security checkpoint. Over at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, guests hand their bags and backpacks to a security officer. The officer inspects their bags for prohibited items. Once the guest’s bag is cleared, the guest must then go through a metal detector.

In the past, guests would slide their belongings down a table and then walk through the metal detector. But Disneyland officials have recently made a change to that process, and it has left many guests scratching their heads.

Disney security ban

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Matt DH (@DisneyScoopGuy) recently shared a video on X (formerly Twitter) showing a security guard taking each bag, sliding it down the table, and waiting for a plastic bin to hold things like the guest’s keys and phones. A plastic partition can also be seen, meaning that guests can no longer move the bags down the tables themselves.

Disneyland has somehow made security at the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure less efficient. You no longer slide your own items forward you have to wait for the security guard to go grab a bowl for you to put your stuff in then wait for them to slide it forward.

They also take your bag and slide it forward for you and there’s a plastic shield separating people from their items for some reason. It looks like a TSA security checkpoint that someone ordered from Temu.

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Now, this would make some sense if there was a lot of space between the bag check and the metal detectors. However, they are right next to each other, so fans could not understand why Disney was paying more security people to simply slide guests’ bags down a table.

it’s truly impressive how terrible the security systems are at the Disney parks lol

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Of course, some said that Disney guests only had themselves to blame since people frequently go viral for trying to sneak prohibited items into the parks, mainly alcohol and cannabis vape pens.

It’s getting so much more intense and it’s becoming more and more annoying but last time I went the security guard was feeling the arm of my Yoda backpack and the guy just offered up that someone once sewed inside their bag some fentanyl so we can only blame ourselves I guess 😞

Disneyland Resort does not have the same type of security screenings as Walt Disney World Resort. At Disney World, guests’ bags are only checked if they set off the security scanner when they walk through.

If Disneyland and Disney World wanted to make things really efficient, they may want to consider following in the footsteps of Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood. Guests go through a metal detector while their bags go through an X-ray scanner, much like the airport.

Do you think this new partition at Disneyland was necessary? Let us know in the comments!

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