Trump Asked Disney to Ban Popular Show

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Over the years, it’s impossible to count the amount people that have been offended by a Disney show or movie. Whether it be the casting, the plot, or the content, people tend to find something to criticize from every move that the Walt Disney Company makes. Even the former President of the United States of America has his own dispute with the company.


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Donald Makes His Disapproval Clear

Former President Donald Trump is known to make his opinions heard. During his four years as President, Trump had more than a couple of instances where he called out those who offended him. However, only some could have predicted that Disney would be one of his targets.

In a Rolling Stone article published on Sunday, February 26, it was revealed that former President Trump directed his staff to issue a complaint to Disney after he heard some jokes about him that he did not enjoy on one of their TV shows. The show in question was the late-night show Jimmy Kimmel Live! with host Jimmy Kimmel. This show plays on the ABC network, owned by the Walt Disney Company.

Jimmy Kimmel

Credit: The New York Times

Two former Trump administration officials were the ones to break this story to Rolling Stone. Trumps staff explained to the magazine that Trump was furious over how Kimmel mocked him on the show. The former President wanted Disney to eliminate some of the prevalent anti-Trump humor at the time.

Jimmy Kimmel was known to make a lot of jabs at the former President. Fans of the comedian know Kimmel is not a supporter of Trump, so the jokes are not a surprising part of his brand. On the other hand, Disney never wanted to censor their live comediennes, so Trump’s request was never fulfilled.

Kimmel Responds to Trump

The news of this occurrence sent social media into a tizzy. Jimmy Kimmel even got involved by sharing a tweet after reading the article.


While some fans are shocked by this news, many others are not surprised that Trump got offended. Trump has been actively angry toward Cast Members of the Saturday Night Live TV show. He once even asked the Justice Department to look into the actions of the late-night comedy show. The Walt Disney Company has no comment to add to this discussion, but it can be presumed that they did not fulfill former President Trump’s command.




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