Tokyo’s New “Tangled” Attraction Coming to Replace “it’s a small world” at Walt Disney World?

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Instagram reels within the online Disney community are full of videos featuring the new Tangled attraction that just opened at Tokyo Disneyland, and for good reason. The new ride is an amazing addition to Disney’s first international park, highlighting a missed opportunity at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World for many, but could it be on its way to Florida? Worse yet, could it replace its a small world?

"it's a small world" Lightning Lane sign

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it’s a small world

At Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, one of the iconic attractions that truly captures the essence of unity and diversity is it’s a small world. This classic ride takes visitors on a musical journey through various countries, showcasing different cultures and traditions in a whimsical and enchanting way. With its catchy theme song and vibrant scenes depicting children from around the world, the attraction leaves a lasting impression on guests of all ages.

As you glide through the colorful scenes filled with dolls dressed in traditional attire, you’ll immerse yourself in a celebration of unity amidst diversity. Each region is beautifully represented, from Africa to Asia and Europe to the Americas, emphasizing the message of peace and harmony that resonates throughout the ride.

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The charming art style of it’s a small world, originally designed by Disney Legend Mary Blair, adds to the attraction’s timeless appeal. The ride’s cheerful decor and whimsical characters, overseen by Imagineer Marc Davis, create a sense of joy and wonder that continues to enchant guests since its debut.

Visiting it’s a small world at Magic Kingdom is not just a journey through different lands; it’s a reminder of the beauty of cultural exchange and the power of togetherness. As you exit the ride, you may find yourself humming the familiar tune, carrying the heartwarming spirit of unity that defines this beloved attraction at the heart of Walt Disney World.

Is It Time for More Change?

A little over a decade ago, the flagship Disney Park at Walt Disney World underwent a massive renovation that saw the addition of New Fantasy Land in the Magic Kingdom. The expansion to the park added a ton of beautiful acreage to Magic Kingdom, but fans have been delightfully perplexed since its 2013 opening when they discovered that Disney made the interesting choice to incorporate their 2010 film Tangled in two ways.

its a small world line queue walt disney world resort ride

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A sprawling, picturesque tower and bathrooms. The fancy bathrooms at Magic Kingdom have been a joke amongst the Disney faithful until recently when ride footage of a new Tangled-themed attraction debuted in Fantasy Springs at Tokyo Disneyland, setting the online Disney news community ablaze.

The new attraction has Disney World fans feeling a little left out, and when once you see the ride footage, it makes sense. The festival of lanterns scene, among others on the attraction, is absolutely stunning to look at, leaving Walt Disney World Resort guests pondering why they simply got a bathroom.

Disney Fan Makes a Bold Statement Calling to Replace it’s a small world

One particular video, or reel that has garnered much attention comes from Instagram user @themouselets. In this viral video, a bold suggestion is made. Based on the recent history surrounding the retheme of Splash Mountain to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, the suggestion will be popular with some and extremely unpopular with others.

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Click here for the reel!

The Mouselets suggest replacing its a small world with an upgraded Tangled attraction much like the one getting all of the attention at Tokyo Disneyland. To be honest, it’s tough to discount the suggestion, as many feel its small world is outdated and, dare we say, “annoying.”

However, as proven with Splash Mountain, others will not be so keen on the change, even though Disneyland Resort and its version of It’s a Small World (the original) are getting a limited-time makeover, including Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy.

it's a small world Magic Kingdom called run down

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So, we figured we’d leave it up to our readers. What do you think? Is it time for its a small world to sail off into the sunset, making way for a brand-new Tangled attraction?

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  1. This rumor has been around for a long time. It makes a lot of sense. Of course, the attraction would be near the Tangled restrooms. But, this would also give Disney the opportunity to relocated It’s a Small World to another part of Fantasyland constructing the appropriate facade. The indoor variation to the attraction queue has been wrong since opening day.

  2. If they moved IaSW somewhere else in Fantasyland then it’s ok idea. Closing down IaSW doesn’t work IMHO as it’s still a very popular ride, eats a decent amount of traffic and it’s definitely younger guests friendly.

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